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Sixth Heaven

Jae Lee once again nails it with the covers, but I feel like this cover belongs on the previous issue. I mean, last issue BEGAN with The Phantom Stranger crucified like that, that was a hell thing, but this issue is about Heaven. In fact, last issue's cover would be better suited for the issue before it. Weird.

-Once again, Dematteis pretty much scrapes by the bare basic minimum when it comes to journeying through Heaven like he did with Hell. There's less action or high stakes, but there's even a point where Stranger points out that he's here for a reason, not the philosophical analysis of Heaven. This, of course, is an admittance that this issue goes down exactly as generically as the previous one, with lots of 'safe' choices. Like, we don't really see the 'real' inner Heaven, just a lot of the transitionary areas/ What we do glimpse of true Heaven is all but stated to be set up so that your personal Heaven is set up based on your personal religious beliefs. Everything is just so tame and squeaky clean it's a little dull.

In Conclusion: 3/5

Zauriel's new design is pretty completely awesome, but overall this is a pretty generic traipse through the afterlife, but at least a big plot point is set up for the future. And at least the whole "WHERE IS MY FAMILY" plotline has FINALLY been resolved.

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