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The original Ox was a member of the Enforcers, which was a band of criminals. Ox and the rest of the Enforcers battled against a young Spider-Man on numerous occasions. Ox was known for being the strongman of the team, but also the most clumsy. He eventually fought against more superheroes of the Marvel Universe. Ox eventually died in a battle with Daredevil.

Major Story Arcs

Ox's Twin Brother

After the first Ox died, his twin brother took up the name and also became a member of the Enforcers. He has tremendous strength and a large resistance to injury.

The Ox appeared in many comics and recently was a Thunderbolt during the Civil War. He was one of the super villains captured by the Thunderbolts and given a choice join the team or go to jail. He chose to join the Thunderbolts, and catch other villains.

Against Daredevil once more

Recently he has rejoined the Enforcers with Mr. Fear against Daredevil and the Hoods Gang. After Mr. Fear was captured, Ox and the Enforcers were brought to see the Hood by his gang.

The Enforcers worked with a mysterious man named Bookie and took bets in the infamous "Bar with No Name". After being deceived by the Bookie, the Enforcers surrendered to Spider-Man peacefully.

Daredevil-High Wire Act!

Ox is seen beaten to a pulp by Bruiser.

Other Versions

House of M

Ox is presumably the same as his 616 counterpart, and is hired by the Rhino, along with Electro and the Vulture to confront the new Green Goblin.

Marvel Noir

Ox is a member of the Enforcers, a group of carnies hired by The Goblin as personal bodyguards.

Ulitmate Universe

Ox (Bruno Sanchez) worked for Kingpin and stay with Enforcers and had a battle versus Spider-man. He was arrested.

In Other Media

Ox in Spectacular Spider-Man
Ox in Spectacular Spider-Man

Ox appeared in the Spectacular Spider-Man (TV Series). Ox worked as an Enforcer with Fancy Dan and Shocker (Montana). He is a large man with a handlebar mustache and has peek human strength.

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