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Never trust the sycopathic traitor who tried to kill the Titans!

Has Geo-Force learned anything from blackest night because it doesn't seem like it. Terra returns! Terra should have stayed dead but that just my opinion.  The JSA Guest stars kinda well yeah! so Black Lightnings Outsiders pay his daughter Thunder a visit and the family reunion is cut short when the JSA  attacks them because there public enemie shouldn't they be I don't know fighting actal villains just saying. Geo-Force wakes up and see Terra there who tells him not to trust his team and only trust her(Really Terra who'd trust you?) Well it turns out Geo-Force would so then Brion asks her how do I know you're really here though so Terra uses her powers to cause an earthquake leaving a mark on the floor. 
Good: Story is pretty good I guess could be better. 
Bad: Bennet's art is usually really good but this issue it's not as good but considering he was called in at the last second I could forgive the problems.  Didio writes a bad Geo-Force. Don't like the way that Lightning was used as Thunder said she was being a brat. I feel it would be better if the Freedom Fighters were in this except the JSA.  Brion trusting Terra is kind of stupid. 
Overall people have kind of been being harsh on Dan Didio's run I think it's average. 

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