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The New Titans cordially invite you to the wedding of Nightwing and Starfire. However, they may not live to say their vows if Raven has anything to say about it.

The issue opens with a dazed Changeling sinking to the bottom of the ocean, unable to change form only to be found and rescued by Aqualad.Meanwhile Dick and Starfire return to announce their marriage to the team, only to find the battered team returning from their latest mission.Following the arrival of Changeling and Aqualad, Dick decides now is the perfect time to announce their marriage to boost the team's spirits.Dick and Starfire then prepare for the wedding, attempting with great frustration to get a marriage license and facing the growing protest of humans who disapprove of the marriage of a human and alien, while the team prepares Donna and Terry's farm for the impending wedding and all begin questioning the suddenness of the wedding.Eventually the wedding happens but as the end of the ceremony draws near, the priest is killed by Raven,Deathwing and her followers and met by the assembled Titans alongside the Flash and Robin enter into battle.While the Titans and their allies fight Raven's minions,Dick fights and defeats Deathwing but during the chaos Starfire is captured by Raven and utilizes her soul to hold off the assembled heroes. She the implants a soul inside of Starfire as her and Deathwing depart from the farm, and Starfire is rushed to STAR Labs for treatment.While in Washington Roy meets with Sarge Steel at Checkmate headquarters who informs him if he doesn't become leader of the team, the government will shut them down.

Includes bonus pin-ups by Bill Jaaska, Mal Davis, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, Phil Jimenez, and John Costanza and Dave Hunt.

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