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Continued from Uncanny X-Men #271. Cable and Co. are finally in a position to make their attack on the citadel. Breaking into two groups, the assault begins as the de-powered Boom-Boom and Rictor make their way back into the center of the action. Cameron Hodge, however, seems to be one step ahead of everything and the younger mutants can only watch as their friends are confronted with the latest mutate to enter the Genoshan fold.

Story continues in X-Factor # 61.


A tele-mutate announces to Genoshan citizens that Wolverine and Psylocke have been captured. Shortly thereafter, magistrates and a mutate tracker continue their hunt for the escaped young mutants, Boom-Boom and Rictor. Unbeknownst to the magistrates, however, is that Jubilee is also a part of the party and she still has her powers. Jubilee tries to use her firecrackers to lead the magistrates away from Boom-Boom and Rictor, but they instead meet her and jump the guards by using a little learned martial arts. Having felled the magistrates, the mutate cowers, unsure of that the mutants will do to him. The mutants take the mutate under their wings and flee at the sound of back-up.

Cable and the rest of the X-Teams agree on a plan to attack the Citadel. Those with silent powers are to go and set bombs around the facilities and locate the prisoners. Those with louder powers will be a distraction. Cyclops can't help but shake the feeling that the actions of Genosha are more than just political posturing; it must personal. Jean telekinetically transports the quiet team to the Citadel while Archangel explains to Cannonball the corruptness of the Genoshan government and how it's not unlikely that they would have manipulated Havok into becoming a magistrate.

In the Citadel, Havok and Chief Magistrate Anderson explain to Hodge that the X-Teams are difficult to find. There must be an inhibitor in place made by Forge. Hodge is upset, but he quickly turns to Wolfsbane, as she is next to be changed into a mutate. Hodge wants the Genegineer to make it so that in some dark recess of Wolfsbane's mind that she'll know that all her pain was caused by Hodge. The Genegineer states that this is a dangerous request, but Hodge insists. Havok secretly contemplates how his confrontation with Cyclops rattled him.

Realizing their hunger, the young, on-the-run mutants have the mutate find an empty apartment that they can forage through. After only a few minutes, a magistrate barges in. It's his apartment, but that doesn't stop Rictor from subduing the man. At that moment, an announcement is broadcast on television from Wolfsbane. She states that she has offered her services to Genosha and begs her comrades to do the same. Rictor is enraged and wants to charge the Citadel on his own. Boom-Boom stops him the the young mutants decide to go together with the mutate as their guide (he noticing his programming growing weaker with prolonged contact to the young mutants).

At the Citadel, Jean and the "quiet" mutants land and begin setting charges. A magistrate comes upon the group but gets taken out by one of Gambit's hurled bomb casings. The magistrate falls and makes an incredible commotion. He lands right in front of the young mutants, having arrived in the Citadel via the sewers that Rictor had fled through earlier. Being in the Citadel, the mutate can no longer deny his programming and he darts away. Because of the noise of the fallen magistrate, Hodge and troops arrive to attack the "quiet" mutants. Jubilee wants to rush out and help, but she is held back by Rictor. Despite the mutants performing well against the magistrates, Hodge orders Wipeout to steal the powers of everyone in the fight. Hodge thinks he hears whispering, but the mutate simply reappears and lies about his own noises. (This marks the first instance in which a mutate lies to a superior and shows any modicum of will.) Boom-Boom and Rictor are pleased at having held Jubilee back, as she still has her powers. However, they see Wolfsbane come from the shadows. She reaffirms her commitment to Genosha and Rictor commits to saving her and destroying the Citadel.

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Before, Louise Simonson's style was only an annoyance to be dealt with. The stories she pens are just fine, but it's the inner monologues that have chapped my hide in this and past issues. Let's add to her repertoire: using little kids to catch the reader up on the goings-on. These kids go into incredible detail with each other, more-so than regular school mates would. It is an artistic device to use a non-sequitur to introduce the story. The Simpsons do it all the time. The problem here is that...

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