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Cable's helicopter is shot down by Freedom Force and the he must take to the streets. There, Freedom Force finds him and attempts to arrest him. Fortunately, some of the New Mutants are out shopping for a present for Rahne when the stumble upon the brawl. After helping Cable, they return to Ship and Cable talks Moira into letting Rahne stay to aid him in his army against the evils of the world.


Freedom Force pursues Cable's helicopter as he approaches New York. He can't hail X-Factor on his radio and heads for Ship. Freedom Force can't risk him reaching X-Factor so they fire on his helicopter. Cable's chopper is hit, but he then he returns fire, causing them both to crash into the water of Manhattan's East River.

The New Mutants are unable to console Wolfsbane. She's transformed into her half-lupine form, and refuses to talk to them. Boom-Boom thinks it is childish, but Sunspot is sympathetic with Moira's decision. Wolfsbane eventually snaps back, but she is so distraught that it frustrates the rest of the team.

Cable manages to haul himself out of the river. He convinces bystanders to "help" Freedom Force, thereby creating another distraction to slow them down.

Cannonball flis across the rooftops with Boom-Boom and Sunspot in his arms. Cannonball hates the idea of leaving Wolfsbane alone, but Boom-Boom points out that Rictor is with her. They decide to find her a leaving present from Tiffany's. Boom-Boom is quickly smitten on some real diamond earrings, but quickly puts them down when she learns of the $2,000 price tag. She soon finds a crystal wolf; all agree it's perfect. Sunspot pays for it by credit card and they hurry out on to the street.

Nearby, Cable is ambushed by Blob and Pyro.

Wolfsbane finishes packing her belongings and Warlock enquires what souvenirs are. She explains that she's collected items that mean a lot to her, including a photograph of Moira, a chunk of marble from Nova Roma, and a feather from their first trip to Asgard; she was so distraught at leaving Moonstar behind that she hadn't picked anything up from their latest journey. Therefore Rictor gives her the lump of rock from Odin's destroyed tower he picked up. Just as Rictor and Wolfsbane are growing closer, they are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Moira MacTaggert. Cold and fierce, Moira sees that Wolfsbane was already packed and demands that they leave immediately.

Down a New York alleyway, Cable, Pyro, and Blob exchange blows. Blob holds Cable's arms while Pyro punches him in the face. Cable forces his head backwards, shattering Blob's teeth and kicks Pyro in the jaw. Suddenly, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, and Sunspot round the corner and are amazed to find Freedom Force and Cable. Boom-Boom recalls the promise they'd made to X-Factor: not to instigate a fight. Cannonball decides that Freedom Force has already attacked first and they charge into battle. Sunspot knocks Pyro down, but Blob forces him and Cannonball off their feet. Crimson Commando appears and announces that he was arresting them for interfering with the arrest of an internationally wanted criminal.

Back inside Ship, Wolfsbane begs Moira to let her stay long enough to bid goodbye to X-Factor and the other New Mutants. Moira refuses, causing Rictor to run off in a tantrum with Warlock soon behind him. Rictor was ready and waiting for them by the time Moira reaches the helicopter pad on the roof. He uses his powers to vibrate the helicopter to pieces. Moira is enraged.

Down in the alley way, Sunspot knocks Crimson Commando to the floor. From down there, he grabs Boom-Boom's ankle causing her trip. Wolfsbane's present goes flying through the air, but Cable manages to catch it safely with his mechanical hand. He then deflected a shot from Crimson Commando before knocking him out. Cable orders Cannonball to activate his blast field in time to deflect Silver Sable's attack. Cable then orders Sunspot to rip the concrete from beneath Blob's feet, causing Blob to fall backwards. Blob claims he knows nothing about Rusty and Skid's disappearance. The New Mutants and Cable flee when reporters arrive on the scene.

Cable reveals that the Blob was correct when he stated that Freedom Force no longer holds Rusty and Skids captive. When he inquires about Wolfsbane's present, he announces that he know Moira MacTaggert from many years ago. However, Boom-Boom warned him that he wouldn't recognize Moira anymore.

Back at Ship, Moira holds a video conference with Legion to announce her delay. Wolfsbane explains to Rictor who Legion is, but she was surprised to see that his multiple personality disorder was cured. Cable suddenly arrives and quickly enters into a battle of words with Moira. He reasons that Moira would never have backed away from danger in the past. She is intrigued when he talks about Wolfsbane using the gifts that nature has given her. He talks about training the children to become an army to fight terrorists. Legion advises Moira that he thinks Cable is right, and Moira agrees accordingly.

Back on the rooftop at the helicopter pad, Warlock reveals that the real helicopter was safe and sound; that he had posed as the helicopter earlier as part of Rictor's plan to delay Moira. She leaves Wolfsbane in Cable's care. Cannonball notes Cable's lecture of using powers responsibly mirrors what Sunspot had said earlier. Meanwhile, Warlock questions Rictor why he wasn't pleased with the presence of Cable. Rictor admits that he remembers Cable from years ago, and not in a good way.

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