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Cannonball flew around his room in frustration, trying on clothes that wouldn't look embarrasing at a Lila Cheney launch party.  Meanwhile, Mirage & Magik were finalising their outfits for the evening when they decided that Wolfsbane needed something less formal.  Mirage plucked out an image of Wolfsbane in a beautiful ballgown, and Magik teleported to Limbo to create the dress.  Wolfsbane rejected it at first, nearly causing a fight with Magik by insinuating that the dress must be tainted with dark magic.  Mirage cooled them both down by suggesting that Magik was a fairy godmother.  When dressed, they all gathered on the steps of the school.  Cypher was impressed with Wolfsbane's beautiful dress, while Magneto struggled to understand the punk look that Magic & Cannonball had chosen.  On the drive through New York, Wolfsbane looked over at a tower passed the Statue of Liberty.  It was where the strange Bird Boy was reported to be held.  She wondered if Bird Boy was a mutant, and if they should investigate, but the others convinced her that it could wait till the next day.  However, inside the tower, Bird Boy screamed.

At the party, Cannonball & Magik swaggered into the party.  Lila was having an argument with Raek, turning down his proposition.  As soon as she saw Cannonball she admired his ear-cuff and gave him a huge kiss before dragging him off to dance.  While Cannonball was awkwardly dancing with Lila, Cypher and Wolfsbane attacked the buffet.  She encouraged him to eavesdrop on a conversation in a forgein language.  Cypher confirmed that it was an alien language, and that the aliens didn't like Cannonball spending time with Lila.  

Raek interfered with Cannonball & Lila's dance by dropping marbles underneath Cannonball's feet.  He ell over on top of other party-goers, and Lila giggled.  He picked himself up and feeling like he had embarrassed Lila left her to get a drink.  An alien girl offered Cannonball a spiked drink, but he refused it preferring a cola drink instead.  However, Raek convinced Cannonball that Lila would be more impressed with him if he took some pills.  Cannonball necked the tablets without knowing what they were.  Lila immediately caught up with him and started dancing again.  She said she wasn't mad at him, but her words were lost on Cannonball as his vision began to spin.  He left the dancefloor to get some fresh air on a balcony, while other aliens distracted Lila preventing her from following him.  Wolfsbane & Cypher saw Cannonball's eratic gait from the mezzanine level, and rushed to help him.  However, they were too late as Raek and his alien accomplices grew pointy-wings on their shoulders and kidnapped Cannonball.

In the air, Cannonball used his blast field to escape Raek's clutches, but he couldn't stay awake because of the drugs he'd consumed.  Asleep, falling and unprotected by his blast field, Cannonball was shot at by Raek.  The laser passed trough his leather waistcoat, but didn't injure him.  By the time Cannonball reactivated his blast field, he was sent rocketing through the top of a tower.

Back at the party, Wolfsbane regretted not shifting into her wolf form earlier to help Cannonball.  She and Cypher dragged Mirage & Magik away from the boys they were dancing with to show them the spectacular light show that Cannonball & Raek's alien friends were causing.  They saw him crash in the distance, and when Magik teleported them over to where he'd landed they found themselves stood in the middle of a garbage barge.  Seeing an alien about to shoot Cannonball, Wolfsbane transformed and pounced on him, ripping her beautiful dress in the process.  When another alien went to shoot her, Cypher clobbered him with an old piece of piping he'd found in the garbage.  However, just as he was celebrating his accomplishment, another alien grazed him across the back with their laser.  Seeing Cypher fall, Magik leapt up, grabbed an alien gun and shot Cypher's attacker.  

Cannonball punched Raek, and Mirage pulled out an image of what he was scared of.  It was a lollipop shape artefact that Lila Cheney recognised; the Bauble of Babel.  She had teleported on to the side of the barge, and with Mirage's help forced a confession from Raek.  He wanted the Jewels of Ikerno, which he wanted Lila to steal before another alien race sacrificed into an alien sun.  Lila had met Raek during her days as an inter-stellar thief, but she didn't want anything to do with that life any more.  Magik offered to send Raek and his gang to Limbo, which Lila agreed to (not knowing about the transmode infected demonds there).  Lila gave Cannonball a kiss before leaving to return to the party.  

Wolfsbane began to cry wihle in her transtitonal form.  She begged for Cannonball's forgiveness, since she believed that her own vanity had caused the mess.  The others forced her to relax, and Mirage threw her over-sized purple sequined sweater over Wolfsbane so she could transform back into a girl without exposing herself.  Cypher reassured her that she still looked like a princess to him.  Cannonball felt better as the barbiturates wore off, but couldn't believe he was so stupid to willingly take them in the first place.  The others were desperate to teleport off the barge and back to the school were they could get cleaned up.

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