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In the vast depths of space, Lightray desperately flees the Black Racer. Lightray focuses his brightest flash through the jewel-like structure of a meteor to no avail. The Black Racer is too swift, easily dodging Lightray's epic bolt. Meanwhile, on Earth, in the apartment of Dave Lincoln, Orion begins the process of assimilating into life on Earth. Alone in the next room, Orion changes into civilian attire, while using his Mother Box to reveal his true face, one more akin to the kind seen on Apokolips. Resuming his more beautiful visage, Orion rejoins Lincoln, Harvey Lockman, Claudia Shane, and Victor Lanza, with plans to go after their abductors. Lightray expends his last bit of energy in a futile attempt to block the Black Racer. Exhausted, Lightray crashes into an asteroid, and lays there, awaiting the Black Racer's touch. Suddenly, a Boom Tube opens, sending the Black Racer to Earth. For reasons of his own, Metron has rescued Lightray from certain death. The Black Racer arrives on Earth, immediately being drawn to the sounds of gunfire. A hood called "Sugar-Man" guns down an informant, known as "Screamer". Fearing that the murder has been witnessed, through the open window of one Sergeant Willie Walker, a paralyzed Viet Nam veteran, Sugar-Man aims his weapon at Walker. The Black Racer closes his hand over the barrel of Sugar-Man's gun, just as the weapon is fired. The resultant backfire sends shards of metal up into Sugar-Man's face, who flees the scene screaming.

The Black Racer walks through the wall into Walker's room. The Black Racer takes Walker's hand. Walker bolts up in bed, no longer afflicted with his paralysis. The empty armor of the Black Racer lays on the floor before Walker. Donning the armor, Walker becomes the Black Racer. The Mother Box leads Orion, and Lincoln, to the warehouse Lincoln, Lockman, Lanza, and Shane were brought, prior to their abduction to Apokolips. Inside, members of the criminal organization, Intergang, tend to Sugar-Man's wounds. A man called "Badger" brings a bomb into the room, and activates it. Orion and Lincoln storm the room. Badger hands the bomb off to Sugar-Man, instructing him to plant the explosive at a pre-arranged location. Orion uses his Mother Box to disarm Badger and his gunsels. Suger-Man loads the bomb onto a truck, and speeds off, unaware that the Black Racer is closing in on him. The Black Racer activates the bomb's anti-gravity circuits, causing it, and the truck to rise into the air. Once Sugar-Man has reached low Earth orbit, Orion triggers the bomb with his Mother Box. Lincoln calls the police to take custody of the Intergang criminals. The Black Racer returns to Walker's room. Touching his helmet, he becomes Walker once more, helpless in his paralysis, and confined to his bed. Walker's sister, Verna, and her husband, Ray Johnson, check on Walker. Trapped inside his body, Walker lays in wait for the moment when he he will next take to the skies, as the Black Racer.

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