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Out With the Old in With the New

After Jack Hawksmoor took over the Authority the group did more than just fight the common super villain. They decided to fight against the corruption of governments even going on talk shows talking down about the president of america. However this new campaign was not approved by the seven richest governments so they wanted to do something about it. They choose to do something by making a hill billy super powered being named Seth. Seth had a huge number of powers enough that he got on the Carrier (hiding in the womb of a girl delivering pizza) and one by one took them down. The only ones left where Jenny Quantum who was saved by Midnighter and they escaped the Carrier causing it to crash, but after getting it back in the air the G7 countries released the New Authority a team that did what they wanted when they wanted and had more issues than the original team consisting of The Colonel, Rush, Machine, Street Last Call, Teuton, and Surgeon.

New Power

Soon the New Authority get settled into their job they abandon a group of asian refugees that had been allowed to live in the Carrier in a location known as Re-Space. They soon star a wave of propaganda and even use the He-Man of the Cloth Chaplain Action to bless them on TV to make them look more presentable an religious than the last team ( didn't make them any better they where still jerks). Soon however they began to notice things changing. The rich of the world soon begins to loose their wealth and power and the people behind it are the refugees dumped in Re-Space. Re-Space gave the the power to rewrite the world they way they wanted and they began to do so. The refugees even use their new powers to turn he new team into the old team but that didn't last. Last Call the homophobic replacement of Midnighter was turned into Midnighter but his hate of homosexuals didn't go away and when he was touched by Teuton turned Apollo he reverted back to his former self and was able to break the rest of the team free. The Colonel uses Re-Space to put everything back the way it was and then lets it break down.

They messed with the wrong one

After the new team murders a group of SPB's from the 27th century they go back home to clean up and then the fate of the old Authority is revealed. Jack has lost his powers and intellect and become a bum on the street, Swift is the trophy wife of a jerk, Doctor is shrunk down to toy size and carried by the Surgeon, Engineer has her nanotech blood drained and replaced with HIV positive from a heroin addict and is forced to work at a 7/11 and has a ton of kids and abusive husband; all either CIA agents or Hollywood actors and Apollo has been trapped inside the Carrier cut off from sun light and beaten again and again by Last Call and Teuton. Soon however Midngihter makes it on board (on a pizza bike like Seth) and first kills Street then Teuton and frees Apollo who then kills Last Call. Next Midnighter kills Rush, Surgeon, and Colonel while Apollo finishes up with Machine, Lastly only Seth remains but after Swift gives Jenny Seth's power down code he becomes human and the Doctor turns him into a chicken to be raped by his fathers.

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