So far which of the New 52 is the best?

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Out of those released so far which of the New 52 has surprised you the most? Which in your opinion is the best at the moment? I know it's quite early to ask this considering none of the story arcs have even finished but hey you take what you get. And if a thread like this has been done before I tried searching but I'm not good at searching so I would gladly just post on those topics.

Anyway so far I'd have to say my favorites are Batman, Batman and Robin, Batwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Aquaman. I loved the villains and the limited back story we have on Batman's newest enemies in both the Court of Owls and Nobody and they're both interesting enough for me to want to see more The Court and how they've managed to be away from Batmans radar since forever and Nobody's being someone who trained under Henry Ducard as well yet also having a more lethal sense of justice (I really like the villains that already know who Bats is, dunno why). Batwing on the other hand shines because of the art, I think if the art direction was different they might not be able to make Massacre and what he has done as intimidating as he is. As for Red Hood and the Outlaws I admit it was more of a last second like for me after seeing each members most cherished memories, it was fun to see that among present day characterization of these guys the one that I thought should be the most messed up is the one with the most "normal" cherished memory. Finally Aquaman, he shows he's a badass yet he still doesn't get the recognition he deserves from those who've witnessed his true abilities, from a geek's standpoint I feel bad for him and wish that these people would stop and look before judging Aquaman.

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My favorites so far would have to be: Swamp Thing, Batwoman, Batman. Following those are Aquaman, Animal Man, Frankenstein and Demon Knights. Those are followed by a whole host of others, but those are the top tiers for me.

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Aquaman, Grifter and Red Lanterns have been the best surprises thus far.  

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Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Demon Knights, Batwoman.

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Aquaman, Demon Knights.

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Guess I should buy Demon Knights now lol.

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@InnerVenom123 said:


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The only good one seems to be Animal Man, but I guess I can add Frankenstein and Swamp Thing to the "list". The rest are pretty generic comic book.

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Snyder's Batman

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Demon Knights and Wonder Woman. Birds of Prey has been really fun too, though I'm not looking forward to seeing Barbara on the team...hopefully Swierczynski makes it work.

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@Steps said:

Guess I should buy Demon Knights now lol.

Yes. Yes you should :)

My best books so far would be Batman, Demon Knights and Wonder Woman

Most surprising: Batwing, Aquaman and Batwoman

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Batman and Action comics.

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Flash, Green lantern, JLA, Men of war

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There isn't a book on the stands, released by any comic company currently publishing titles today, that can touch Batwoman in regards to art. In all my many years of collecting comics, I've never seen more beautiful artwork. As far as the book that surprised me the most... hmm.... I would have to say .... yeah... O.M.A.C. Here was a comic I expected nothing from, & believed to be conceptually flawed from advance commentary, that turned out to be one of the most fun reads I've had in years. There's clearly immense love in Giffen's channelling of Kirby, & while the book reads like it was written in the 1970's, somehow, that seems to work. It's not perfect. O.M.A.C's complete lack of personality is actually a pretty big flaw, in my opinion, but I do enjoy reading it, & that is something I did not expect. I was very surprised at just how terrible Green Arrow was, but I get the impression that we're looking for positive responses in this thread. It's hard to say which has been the best book, overall. I like the art in several of the titles, but the writing hasn't always been on the same level. By the same measure, books like Animal Man & All Star Western are very well written but the art does nothing for them. I suppose Aquaman comes closest to being a good marriage of writing & art. So, I suppose I'll go with Aquaman.

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@chalkshark: I love Batwoman and the art is amazing but there is better out there, it's not the be all and end all of art. 
I'm surprised some people are saying Frankenstein, I got bad reviews when it came out so I never bothered after the first issue.
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Favorite? Swamp-Thing, with Animal Man in a close second.

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Batman, Batman the Dark Knight, Justice League, Action and Batgirl are my current faves - not necessarily in that order

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I made a video about this about a week ago. So, I will post that. My top 5 are in the video:

Loading Video...
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I can't put down the new Aquaman. I'm starting to get into the Flash.

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Red Hood and The Outlaws, Deathstroke, Batman, Batman and Robin, Stormwatch, Grifter, & Voodoo

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Batman is my personal favourite.

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Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl.

Aquaman and Teen Titans too.

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Batman, Grifter, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Justice League Dark, The Flash, Teen Titans, Animal Man, and Aquaman are my favorites.

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Aquaman, Batman, and Animal Man. I also like All-Star Western.

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Batman is the best one.It has great mystery and this is a work from Scott Snyder.

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Scott Snyder's Batman. Each and every issue makes me smile more and more.

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  1. Batman
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Oh Batman what would DC be without you and your family.

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In no particular order: Batman, Batwoman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Voodoo, Action Comics, Green Lantern, New Guardians, Catwoman, Wonder Woman.

Out of these, my personal favorite is Batwoman.

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Red Hood & The Outlaws,Batwing

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well i think we an conclude from the VARIOUS number of answers on this thread, that they are all good in their own way, depending on personal preference...except for Mr.Terrific...that title just sucks

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glad to see so many different opinions, which means dc has succeeded in attracting many different tastes
@The Stegman said:

well i think we an conclude from the VARIOUS number of answers on this thread, that they are all good in their own way, depending on personal preference...except for Mr.Terrific...that title just sucks

agreed with a unanimous decision
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Maybe JLA

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The Shape and Resurrection Man.

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I have to say mu favorites are Animal Man, Batman, and Nightwing. I'm loving these books.
also Teen titans and batgirl are good also

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Batman, Nightwing and Swamp Thing. Aquaman and Batwing are alright.

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Biggest surprise- Wonder Woman  
Biggest surprise (in a negative way)- Detective.  
Under-rated - Batgirl 
All in all, I think the New 52 has been done very well, and was a good move by DC, even with the sprinkling of bad titles.

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Only been following Batwing but still getting and thoroughly enjoying it

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Stormwatch, Animal Man, Red Lanterns.

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My favorite's are Dial H,Green Lantern,Flash,Green Lantern New Guardians,and Aquaman

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@ShrimpDino said:

My favorite's are Dial H,Green Lantern,Flash,Green Lantern New Guardians,and Aquaman

Totally forgot about Dial H, that title has blown me away in two issues quicker than anything else has, I've yet to really fathom what my obsession with it is.

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Demon Knights, Swamp Thing, and Dial H are my faves. Frankenstein is a guilty pleasure (enjoyed Kindt's first issue on it as well. Less monster mash-y more sci-fi, might be cool!)

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