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Hello everyone! In my country comics are not that popular. I'd actually say not popular at all. Therefore I never really had the chance to read some during my free time until now. Of course I know a couple of things concerning some well-known figures.

Lately, I decided to start reading comics. The point is that I didn't know where to start from. I googled some stuff and learned that two big companys are Marvel with Avengers and others and DC with the Justice League figures and others. I decided to start with DC stuff because Batman has always been awesome.

So, I searched things concerning DC comics and found out about this "New 52" and thought that it is a perfect chance for me. I downloaded lots of titles from this reboot to start reading and I am now up to date with Aquaman, Batman, and Justice League and I was amazed. Other titles are next. At the same time I found this site.

Despite having read some stuff, I just feel that I need some help. If you have some free time I'd like you guys to help me. Give me some guidelines. Tell me were to begin from, how to continue and such. I hear terms as pre-Flashpoint, post-Flashpoint and I'm confused. So please tell me in what order should I read things. Your help is greatly appreciated from a new comic fan.

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Flashpoint was an event that happened just before the New 52, and led to certain changes being made in the DC Universe. Pre-Flashpoint pretty much just means comics that came out before the New 52.

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Not entirely sure what you're asking in the last paragraph but I can give you the meaning of Post-Flashpoint and Pre-Flashpoint. Flashpoint itself was a universe changing event series that involved The Flash winding up in an alternate timeline. In short, the series is what created the New 52 reboot of the DC universe due to Flash's actions at the end. So Pre-Flashpoint, or before the Flashpoint event, means the old universe before the New 52. Post-Flashpoint, or after Flashpoint, is just another way of saying the New 52.

Hope that helped and wasn't too confusing.

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Well ok I got what the Flashpoint is. Thanks.

I'm sorry I wasn't clear on my lastparagraph. I will give an example to make it clear.

Let's pick a title, Batman. So, I started reading The New 52 Batman series. It starts with the Court of Owls story. Characters like Joker, Penguin, all those Robins, already exist there. What I wanna know is where I can find those events. Bruce becoming Batman, every villains first appearances, the Robin stuff, Batgirl, etc. The cannon stories actually. Do I have to read extra stuff before the New 52 reboot or am I ok just with that? I'm sure I have to read cannon stuff. I just don't know what to read. No idea. The chapters before that are infinite. What I want is those cannon stories. Where can I find them? Where do I buy them?

I hope I made myself clear and I need your help on that. Thanks, in advance.

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