justice league volume 1 origin

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i have just read this hardback graphic novel and i thought it was awesome. As i only started reading comics since the start of the new 52 started. i really got into character with everyone in this book. i really like green lantern the arrogant dick lol he seems cocky and this book brings out characters ways and how there attitudes are.

cant wait to carry on with JL and see what else happens in the future books.

please tell me how you took this book.


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I liked it. They were going for fast-paced action, and for fans of that kind of story, it was well worth the money spent.

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darkseid is my favorite dc villain but i think they gave him a bad treatment. otherwise, it was my first new 52 experience so i loved it. i do have three other gripes. i started with justice league the animated series as my first real dc experience so i think 1, the flash should be wally not barry, 2, gl should be john stewart, and 3, j'onn should be in place of aquaman. i never liked hawkgirl and i love cyborg so he can stay where he is. also, i apologize for lack of caps. my phone doesn't want to cooperate with this site for some odd reason.

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