Breaking Down the Third and Fourth Wave of the New 52

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DC current approach to comics is this, every few months they cancel stories based on either sales or perhaps story or author (As questions for the Legion Lost and Frankenstein fans as to why their stories got cut, personally I believe the Legion Lost gets to go home while S.H.A.D.E gets destroyed by the Rot)

People spend far too much time raging about the New 52's the Teen Titans (News Flash, TT is the 48th most selling comic in October, beating Captain America, Wolverine, the Ultimates, Invincible Iron Man, and Daredevil in sales) so lets just try and be civil and look at the reasons what could be next

The Third Wave

The wave begins in January-Feburary, with the launch of Threshold, JLA, Vibe and Katana.

Now lets look at each title and figure them out


Threshold is an Edge title....the second worst of the New 52 (The worst being YJ based on cancellations anyway). Now, that should be a bad idea because the only time they added a Edge title, it got cancelled and is in fact being replaced by this (G.I combat.....I saw this coming ages away myself). However, this title won't be like the other titles that got axed.

This title is edge, but its much closer to the GL in my opinion. Its in space, has a former green lantern and deals with DC's cosmic heroes.

This includes guys like Adam Strange, who recently appeared in Young Justice, and Lobo, hopefully to undo the damage done by Rob Liefield.

With the Third Army event going on, some more guys in space are good for dealing with such an event. The Green Lantern comics are amongst the highest selling in comicdom right now, taking spot 6, 33 and 40 of the top sales charts.

JLA, Vibe and Katana

The big new one, written by Geoff Johns himself. The title is, arguably, the most important of the new relaunches. Its very story will cause the Trinity probably saw my last blog post so I won't focus on that.

However, it has a huge dynamic of new characters, written by Geoff Johns. It introduces two new characters, the revived Vibe and Geoff Jonn's pet character, and author appeal Stargirl (Who, as a character based on his dead sister if I recall, will most likely not die, particularly by plane crashes)

She and Simon are his creations, so he should be able to do them, and avoid the Justice League's criticism of being out of character, such as Wonder Woman.

It bands together a group that, at the most, are B list heroes. Most aren't even that. Its not a god like team like the Justice League is, so it will feel a bit more like a Avengers team (17th highest selling book, ignoring Uncanny as a launch book, which was Number 1) than a Justice League if you ask me. This team will be making its mark in DC, so its worth watching, if just expecting them to be used as a way to mock the Avengers

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

As to members Vibe and Katana, its rather interesting that they are giving them a series.

JLA Vibe 1
Birds of Prey#3

Vibe I could understand, as he's a whole new character (Practically, as he was in a poorly received JLD series (Detroit), and was only known for being the first Justice League member to ever die). He has interesting powers and perhaps he could work where Static failed, as a way to reach out to a major minority with a new character in the New 52.....I mention Static a lot

But Katana? Birds of Prey isn't selling that well (The 102d best seller right now), and Katana is far from the best asian character to have her own series. I'd almost prefer a Grunge series, or perhaps even a series based on the Super Young Team. Why her instead of Star Girl or Martian Manhunter...particularly by a writer who didn't do that well with Green Arrow.

Wave 4

Bollocks, the Writer doesn't give me a big image too....
Bollocks, the Writer doesn't give me a big image too....

Why am I mentioning a wave that hasn't happened yet?

Because we know two titles already.

The Scott/Lee Superman Title, and John Constantine.

The first title is almost a dream team title come true, like Grant Morrison on Deadpool or Brian Micheal Bendis on Static. Two of DC's finest together to write the companies biggest character. (31st in sales with Scott Lobdell). Superman will be given more time to shine, and hopefully make up for his bad start.

John Constantine...well I don't do dark, but I am told that he is popular with a mildly successful title in Vertigo......and the Dark is doing well at DC.

If we assume that the wave will have four titles, there are still two titles to expect.

With Scott Lobdell rumored to have a title spun off the Teen Titans featuring Raven (And yes, Ravagers has problems, but that doesn't mean all spin offs will), we have to wonder what other title could be spot four?

Fourth Wave, Fourth Book

In Flight

I wouldn't mind Sensation Comics, a second Wonder Woman title (currently 44th in sales, but to put that into perspective, sold a little more than 300 less than X-Force). Perhaps a title in the present day might get more sales, and with a lighter approach than Azzies.

It could even be a place to add her more....mortal enemies like Cheetah. Doctor Psycho, Giganta (Who has cameod in Justice League and Rotworld) or perhaps even add a Wonder Boy (See earlier blog post)


Tim Drake....well Batman is popular. It is the third highest selling comic, Dc's best (And seeing as the top two were AVX 12, and the new Uncanny Avengers, the math as it is isn't quite that valid). Also, while I like Teen Titans, I don't really much care for Tim Drake.

People complain a lot about his back story, so perhaps a series could straighten him out. Or free up the Titans for more young heroes who are not a walking controversy.


A series focusing on the other corps, such as the Star Sapphires or Blue Lanterns....well it has to be better than the Red Lanterns. They wouldn't have the savage violence people complain about, and I am pretty sure the Sapphire's would get attention even if they were written by Rob Liefield.....if he doesn't draw them that is.

But, take thats aside

Checking on Supergirl

Doctor Light could be an interesting character to have a series based off of. Animal Man has his kids getting involved in hero stuff, same with Batman. She has kids too, and with the crisis possibly gone, she is probably a true meta human now. Could her kids be gaining powers and use that as a story premise. I also think she's a better Asian than say, Katana.

I mean, isn't there some other, really gruff and unpleasant character with ties to Japan with a family dynamic that people like to read about.....

Shadow Cabinet in Shadow War
Donner Blitzen
Donner Blitzen

I know they have problems, but perhaps if the Milestone issue gets resolved, a new Milestone series could be tried. Static isn't the only character from Milestone to try, Icon and Rocket could have series, or perhaps Hardware, possibly Xomib, or even a Donner and Blitzen.......miniseries maybe?

Just imagine them by Gail Simone....

Or they could even try Static again....with a competent writer who can write Static the way he should be written and some lightening up on company based pressure. Maybe DC could offer Dan Slott Asylum or something after issue 700 and have him do it?


Hal is....somewhere between death and life right now. A past book for him could be an idea to show him when he was alive, and later to allow Simon to have his role in the Third Army at the same time as Hal.

But then again, I don't really like Hal that much.


Steel has appeared in Action Comics. He's fought the rot. Can he fight the sales market? He did have his own series once upon a time.


She had her own series briefly before the New 52, and more time for her, particularly with her connections to Batman, would be nice. That could be a useful little add on for when the Trinity War begins, or just a way to give her more time to play in the New 52 out of the dark


Plastic Man is a famous hero, with only a few cameos so far. Unless Charlton is having problems too, I can't imagine why they wouldn't try to put him at least somewhere.

He doesn't like me much more than Constatine....
He doesn't like me much more than Constatine....

Currently in the DC Universe Presents title with Blue Devil, the adult version of Static who well predates the much more famous teenager is being currently established his place, and the idea of Presents is to give a chance for lesser known characters to be given a chance in the DCU.

I personally would prefer Black Lightning, but with the Dark as it is, a Blue Devil series might just last longer. Or they could put him in the JLD (not detroit).

The kill list

But, for every new title....they have to get rid of some old ones.

If we go sales wise, of the titles who remain after wave 3 with the least sales as of now, the bottom six, are from worst to best, I' Vampire, DC Universe Presents, Hawkman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights and Batwing.

(Am I the only one expecting Green Arrow to be here...whose the fourteenth worst selling, beating Dial H and All Star Western by the way)

Right now, if I had to take my pick, I'd definitely expect Deathstroke and Hawman to go. I Vampire has such huge fans it might stay for that reason alone, like how Blue Beetle did back in the day. Batwing could even be given up to show that DC won't make 52 bat books.

So, what do you think?

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The third wave was Talon, Sword of sorcery, phantom stranger, and Team 7

Otherwise, great interesting points and great job overall

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niiicee.. i would like a Red Robin ongoing with his old costume, his current one feels like they're overdoing it =/.

How about a 'Blue'... team??? o.O' comic series???, the team book consists of blue-ish Heroes like Black Lightning, Static Shock, Blue Devil and blue beetle!!! yay!!!.... -__-.

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They already hinted that Batwing is going to be chopped. That is a darn shame.

Oh well.

I hate that Blue Beetle is getting whacked soon because he is one of my favorite characters.

What I kind of hate is that with the arrival of every wave, there is a comic that even vaguely has to do with Batman. What can I do, huh?

They should make a new Adventure Comics book featuring the periphery of Metropolis characters like Steel and Natasha Irons, Traci 13, and other characters.

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If they drop Batwing, then I really hope they make a Red Robin comic!!! I am also excited if they make a Raven comic, she's my favorite young hero. I wouldn't mind Zatanna either, and as far as drop list I would honestly get rid of all star western...though Hawkman might not be a bad idea since they will have him in JLA

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Im looking forward to Raven's spin off, but i dont know about Lobell writing it. He seems very interested in Raven, but i hope she isn't way out of character. And please don't make her goth! I've read Teen Titans new 52 and wasn't all that impressed. A Zatanna solo series would be nice, since Constantine is getting one, im not ruling out hers.

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#6 Posted by wisesonAC (169 posts) - - Show Bio

i will flip shit if batwing is cancelled.i love that book.right now my favorite bat book. if GA gets like 5 chances BW deserves more.(even though i haven't read a horrible issue yet.

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Plastic Man was owned by Quality Comics not Charlton (which also owned Lady Luck who was supposed to be in Justice League)

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Honestly, I want to see Deathstroke, Hawkman, World's Finest, Green Arrow and Superboy hit the cut list. Deathstroke's run has been screwy all thanks to Rob Liebeld. Hawkman, Green Arrow and World's Finest seem like a waste of space. Superboy is the most boring out of the Young Justice brand and since he's with the Titans now. There's no really point in Superboy having a solo if he plans on staying with the Titans. I would not mind if Batman: The Dark Knight bites the dust because it seems more like a filler Bat book not serving any real purpose. We got too many Bat books and JL books and some of them need to hit the cut list so other series from less successful titles can get their spotlight. I do know one thing though, they had better not cancel Suicide Squad.

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Oh and the superman title is called "Man of Steel." However, Blue Beetle, Grifter, S.H.A.D.E., and Legion Lost is gonna be replaced with Threshold, Vibe, Katana, and JLA. Since it's credited that G.I. Combat and Hellblazer (a vertigo comic) is ending this December and likely replaced with the upcoming John Constantine and Man of Steel, what two other titles (or three) are gonna bite the dust?

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black lightning isnt an adult version of static.

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