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The Mysterious Traveler was a nameless man who wandered the world and seeming knew everything about everyone, or at least everyone involved in the bizarre, mystic, and murderous side of life.

Occasionally encountered on a train or boat while in route he would regal fellow travelers with strange happening to everyday people.

At other times he would appear as the events he would later talk about were happening, only those involved could nether see nor hear him.

Able to appear anything where, even at the top of the world’s tallest mountain, or deep underwater with out the need for breathing apparatus he never helped the people he observed, some of whom he would stand directly behind without they, or anyone else, seeing him.

The Traveler’s sole purpose seemingly was to gather the story of what is going on so he can recount it to others as an object lesson, lessons he seemed to feel so strongly about passing on that he even appeared in a comic book where he regularly broke the forth wall addressing his “readers.”

His real name or motivation was never revealed.  
Not So Mysterious 

Actually The Mysterious Traveler was one of the first mystery / suspense / horror narrators appearing on a popular radio show long before either the Crypt Keeper or Rod Serling.

It wasn’t long before he also appeared hosting a mystery magazine and later a comic book.    

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