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Major Story Arcs

Justice League International- When the Injustice League finds an alien spaceship they call upon the Mighty Bruce to repair it, which he does just in time for Guy Gardner to destroy it.

Justice League America Annual- During Max Lord brief attempt at a Justice League Antarctica, Bruce was employed as Major Disaster's personal assistant, all though all he ever really did was announce when the killer penguins had finally broken into the headquarters.

Justice League Quarterly- After the Justice League Antarctica was disbanded, Mighty Bruce joined Minister Sun's cult and was selling cookies at airports. Then one day Mighty Bruce stopped in on his old Injustice League friends, who were broke and down on their luck. Major Disaster came up with a plan to steal from Minister Sun, who the group felt was a bad guy. Mighty Bruce was incharge of finding where Minsister Sun kept his safe, a job that Bruce failed at, but once the team was in the compound Bruce tried to explain that he had failed but no one would listen to him. When the group finally found the safe, Bruce helped them escape, but the team only got away with one gold bar.

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