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After watching the first Matrix-movie, did you wonder what Matrix-comics could be like? Well, in this anthology-book, you`ll find an answer.

This volume collects twelve original stories set in the world of The Matrix. Read tales that expand the universe of The Matrix, written and illustrated by many of today's top comic book luminaries.

Note: Spencer Lamm worked as an editor of the book, wrote the foreword and co-plotted "Sweating the small stuff" with Bill Sienkiewicz.

Introduction: Spencer Lamm

Bits and Pieces of Information: Story by larry and Andy Wachowski, Art by Geof Darrow. The story of one of the first self aware robot, who turns on his owner and the maintance man who is preparing to deactivate it.

Sweating the Small Stuff: Story and Art by Bill Sienkiewicz. The story about Dez, a man who starts to see the Matrix code in everryday life, but not knowing what he is seeing.

A Life Less Empty: Story and Art by Ted McKeever. A story about a woman who took the Blue Pill instead of the Red Pill.

Gloiath: Story Neil Gamiman and art by Bill Sienkiewicz and Gregory Ruth

Burning Hope: Story and Art by John Van Fleet. Eightball is sent on a mission to find a child but something goes wrong, then Link has to go into the Matrix to find her instead.







Story Arcs

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