Who should the new Master be?

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Who will be next? 
Who will be next? 
Every Doctor has his Master..... and with The Doctor's regeneration and The Master's apparent death, there will soon be a new Master coming... 
John Simms played a fantastic Master for David Tennant's Doctor, but who would you cast for Matt Smith's arch rival? 
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Personally i think we need to go the complete opposite to Matt Smith... 
While the new Doctor is physically young and manic, i think for the next Master we need someone stable and dangerous... 

Well ok, maybe Stable is the wrong word :p 
I seriously think Bill Baily would make a fantastic opponent for Matt Smith's Doctor though 
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To be fair, 9 never encountered The Master, so you can't really say EVERY Doctor has a Master. But either way, I don't think age matters much, but he should deffenitely match Smith. Either way they go with The Master (If Moffat decided to include the character) I know they'll do him brilliantly.

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