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The Major is a demented, delusional man, leader of the Letzte Bataillon. He was appointed executioner of the Nazi Order 666 by being handpicked personally by Adolf Hitler, whose purpose was to create a vampire army that could change the tide of WWII. The project was based upon Warsaw, Poland, where the Major and his silent bodyguard, the Captain, met with the Doctor to oversee the artificial vampire creation project. While the camp was levelled due to the intervention of Hellsing agents Alucard and Walter C. Dornez, several key members of the Bataillon, such as the Major himself, the Captain, the Doctor and Rip Van Winkle, managed to survive through the ordeal and fled to South America, where with help and funding from the Vatican, the loot of the war and the remains of the army were sent. There, the Doctor continued unmolested for decades, as he developed his vampire surgery process.

Other top Nazi military leaders, some of higher ranking than him, attempted to seize control of the project in a bid for immortality by becoming vampires themselves upon the development of the full vampire processing surgeries. However, the vampires already created by the process were tremendously loyal to the Major, and proved their fealty by binding the rogue men and using them in a transmission sent to the reunion to the Iscariot and Hellsing leaders with the Queen of England, where they were brutally executed. During this transmission, the Major acknowledged his madness, but responding to a challenge by Enrico Maxwell, he asked what kind of God could stand his madness if He ws completely sane. He also talked to Alucard, and commented on the oncoming war.

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After the failure of the initial attack on Hellsing by the Valentine Brothers, the Major sent First Lieutenant Rip Van Winkle to seize control of the British VTOL carrier the Eagle and defend it. While Van Winkle succeeded in the initial phase, she was brutally slain by Alucard when he crashed a spy jet into the warship. As Van Winkle died, she had a flashback to a conversation she had with the Major about her favorite opera, Die Freischutz, and the similarities between the Black Huntsman Zamiel, a representative of the devil in the opera, and Alucard, the ones seen between Kaspar, the protagonist of the opera, and Van Winkle herself. The Major warned her about trifling with Zamiel, but Van Winkle died nonetheless. As she lay dying, the Major, witnessing the scene through a TV set taken to the Eagle by Schrodinger, ordered the Doctor not to kill her by frying her chip, but rather, allowing her death by Alucard, promising to see her again in Valhalla.

Moments after this, he started a speech about his own love of war, demonstrating his innate love for it, regardless of winners or losers, or losses and victories; essentially, declaring why he loved conflict itself. Revealing the Eagle was a trap to strand Alucard in the middle of the ocean, which he could not cross, the Major ordered the three  zeppelins of the Millennium force to move towards London and start a full-scale invasion in hopes of starting an endless war, which he started by ordering a complete missile salvo, fired from the Hindenburg II, nearly destroying London with the first barrage, and launching Millennium footsoldiers thorugh the city. He directed one of his lieutenants, Zorin Blitz, to move against Hellsing HQ, but to refrain from attacking until reinforcements were ready, an order she ignored.

Walter C. Dornez
Walter C. Dornez
As Walter C. Dornez, Hellsing butler and former trashman, fought against the Captain, the Major loomed over the sky in the Hindenburg II and commented on how "It was foretold fifty years ago that you [Walter] would join us." This opens up the possibility of Walter not being a full traitor. Anyway, as the Major revelled in the destruction and devastation wrought by the slaughter of the London protestants by the orders of Enrico Maxwell, Walter appeared from behind and sliced an Iscariot chopper in half. He then beckoned Integra Hellsing to the downed zeppelin and had her attack whatever remained of his forces.

Upon the attack, the Major kept talking to Integra, protected by a panel of reinforced glass, until Seras Victoria, wielding a Flak gun retrieved from the zeppelin's corpses, destroyed this glass and attacked the Major, revealing him as a cyborg. Dying, he commented his reason for hating Alucard was that he was a monster masquerading as a human, while he was a human who looked like a monster (this due to his belief that as long as his will existed, he would be human, no matter what happened to his body). He died a happy man with no regrets upon the collapse of the zeppelin, heving fulfilled his wish to start an immense war, apparently destroying Alucard and having many follow him to his final death.

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