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The battle between rebels and conspirators continues as a captured King Mob is beaten and tortured by the Conspiracy in their brutal attempt to learn the secrets of the Invisibles. Looking to save their him, the rest of King Mob's cell joins forces but it will be up to the newest Invisible, Dane McGowan, to stay ahead of the masses of armed Conspiracy thugs and save his compatriot. Also, the horrifying secret that transformed Boy from an officer of law to a disciple of chaos is finally revealed.

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The time is coming when we'll all have to choose: either the crushing, soul-rending orthodoxy of the Conspiracy or the anarchic, radical freedom of The Invisibles. One makes the world what it is, while the other shows the world what it might be. Right now, things don't look very good for the other.

With their two most powerful members captured and their newest member in hiding, King Mob's Invisibles cell seems on the brink of annihilation. Under the torturer's knife, he must wage an all-out psychic war against his captors - spinning a lifetime's worth of fictional adventures for his cloaking persona of psychedelic spy Gideon Stargave, while outside his team regroups and prepares to break him free. But the one key to their survival is still missing: newcomer Jack Frost whose abilities may outstrip all of his teammates put together. Will he be found in time? And will he be found in time? And will he be up to the challenge? The answer to the and many other questions can be found in THE INVISIBLES: ENTROPY IN THE U.K.

Illustrated by Phil Jimenez, John Stokes, Tommy Lee Edwards, Paul Johnson, Steve Yeowell, Dick Giordano, Mark Buckingham, and Mark Pennington, with original covers by Sean Phillips and a new cover by award-winning artist Brian Bolland, THE INVISIBLES: ENTROPY IN THE U.K. completes the collection of Volume One of THE INVISIBLES, reprinting issues 17-25 of the groundbreaking series created by Grant Morrison (Entertainment Weekly's "Comic Book Savant").

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