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In this issue illustrated by John Ridgway (HELLBLAZER), a new breed of upper-class hunters with a strange connection to the Invisibles is loose on the London Streets, preying upon the homeless

A servant in Glamis Castle pushes a meal trolley towards a solitary room as he has done three times a day for the past six years. On the trolley is a platter. On the platter is a human carcass. In the room is a giant mirror. The servant flashes a prism in front of the mirror using five unique gestures. The mirror ripples... and a hideous tentacle-faced monster steps out. From the other side of the mirror is an unearthly cacophony of horrible noise. The monster goes to the carcass and spews out a dissolving foam. It then drags the mutilated corpse through the mirror with it. As it does so, the monster glances back at the servant. The servant feels that the monster is beginning to like him.

Sir Miles Delacourt and his assistant Tarquin are riding in a limousine through the country. They are being followed by a red box truck. Sir Miles bitterly tells Tarquin that he would like nothing more to torture King Mob, especially after the recent debacles at Harmony House and with Orlando. The two vehicles stop at a small cul-de-sac in the woods. Tarquin and Sir Miles go over to the box truck which is full of homeless people. As the homeless people are shepherded out, Sir Miles remarks that he is looking forward to reducing the country's poverty level.

After a brief interlude that explains the historical significance of Glamis Castle, we return to Sir Miles who is chatting with another man at the aforementioned castle. Tarquin is playing with a gun while they talk, admiring the quality. Sir Miles tells Willie about their recent troubles with Diana and her inability to produce a suitable moonchild to inherit the throne. Sir Miles is not that worried however, they do have another moonchild. A butler enters bearing some port; Tarquin accidentally shoots him. Sir Miles yells at his assistant for soiling the carpet.

The servant feeds the monster another carcass. The servant is revealed to be an Invisible very deep undercover. He is supposed to kill the hideous moonchild, but he cannot bring himself to do it. He thinks it likes him.

Sir Miles is enjoying his sport of racing through the countryside hunting and killing the homeless people.

Later, the servant (whose name is Jeremy Sutton) goes down to the dungeon and talks to another servant named Des who is reading a horror novel written by an author named Kirk Morrison. One of the captive homeless people yells to be let out. Sutton looks at him and apologizes, and in the cell he is surprised to find his estranged daughter, Kate. Sutton is in shock, not least of all over Kate's hair which is pink and spikey (she is the homeless girl that Dane was talking to back in issue 2).

That night, Sir Miles reads Sutton's diary. It turns out that the Outer Church suspected that he might be an Invisible and had been watching him for the last four months. Sir Miles reads of Sutton's plan to rescue his daughter the next day, and declares that the the man must have a martyr complex. He throws the diary into the fireplace and tells Willie and Tarquin that they will give Sutton what he wants. Tarquin grins merrily.

In one of two concurrent scenes we see a guard letting the homeless people out into the woods and telling that that they had better run. He shoots a man that asks him question. In the other scene, Sir Miles and his compatriots dressed in hunting gear, let the moonchild out of his mirror realm. Tarquin is disgusted, but Sir Miles proudly informs him that this monstrosity is the future king.

The homeless people run through the woods trying to avoid being eaten by the moonchild. Sutton calls out Kate's name, and she runs to her father. They embrace, and then try to make their escape. Sutton tries to convince her to cross a tree log that spans a river, but Kate is frightened by the moonchild who is waiting on the other side. Sutton tells her not to worry, after all the creature likes him. Before she can cross, Sir Miles and his cronies approach from behind. Sutton cries out, but it is revealed that Kate has been working with Sir Miles this whole time. Sir Miles tells Sutton that it's time for his big scene. He will betray the Invisibles and tell the Outer Church everything he knows... or Tarquin will blow his daughter's head off. The servant quietly agrees that he'll talk, to no great surprise to Sir Miles. Tarquin kills Kate anyway, Sutton cries out in anguish. Sir Miles tells the man that he has no information worth anything to them anyways, he just wanted to prove to Sutton how pathetic he was.

Later, we see another servant pushing a trolley to the darkened room. This time the servant is Des. He lifts the lid covering the platter, to unveil Sutton who is to be the creature's next meal. Sutton tells Des that he's not worried... after all, he thinks the creature likes him.

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