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I have loved this series of Iron Man through it's ups and downs, and will be sad to see Fraction and Larroca leave the character. I have liked most of Fraction's work over the last few years with him being the reason I'm most likely going to get the new Fantastic Four series and over this series I have found a brilliant artists work in Larroca and it's him that put the final nail in me getting the new Cable and the X-Force series.

This issue Tony telling Maria Hill about what happened on Mandarin Island and how he'd been compromised but is better now. She asks Tony how do they know he's no longer compromised and why did Stane get a phone to use from his head of security, Bethany Cabe. Meanwhile Pepper is talking to Rhodey about why he faked his death.

I will start with the cover in this review as I didn't get the main cover I got the variant cover, which was originally meant to be the cover. It is a lovely piece of work and like the Captain America #19 cover and the upcoming The Mighty Thor #22 cover I love the collage in the background. It's very nice to see the characters that had a big involvement in this series as they shaped the path that Tony has went on this series. The main cover is also nice but it has nothing on this brilliant masterpiece. I liked the story in this issue and how Tony is getting questioned about if he is actually in full control or not. I also liked how Tony is back to his old ways having a floozy hide in his bath full of water whilst Pepper visits. I also liked how at the end of the issue he decided now I don't want to go on a vacation or climb a mountain to get his head together, no he needs to go into outer space to do that. I also like dhow he had to break out an old set of armour as it's all that's not compromised.

Final verdict. A fitting end to this amazing Iron Man run and I will be sad to see Fraction and Larroca leave this character. I would highly recommend this and the entire series and hope that Kieron Gillen and Greg Land do a good job on the new series.

Rating: 4.5/5

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