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The Marvel heroes are fighting a war on two fronts while the Magus schemes his way to total domination. Is the only way to save the universe...the Infinity Gauntlet?!

While Earth's heroes battle their doppelgangers the other heroes begin battling with Thanos and the Infinity Watch. This is all according to the Magus' plans but he has everything planned so precisely that he cannot detect the arrival of Kang and Doom. Galactus uses his great power to rebuild his ship and cause the others' survival.

Kang and Doom discover the source of the Magus' power by breaking into his stronghold and defenses. He has five comic cubes from different dimensions. They are rigged to explode if tampered with.

Galactus arrives at the battle between Earth's warriors and the Infinity Watch and puts them in a stasis field and transports them to his ship. Galactus uses a beam to send to Earth and destroys all of the doppelgangers. He then scans the minds of all on board and learns the truth and shares it with them. He transports Thunderstrike to Earth's Moon and uses his mystical hammer to maintain contact with their actuality.

Thanos tells Warlock to get the gems and bring them together again. But when he does they no longer work in unison as once before. Galactus takes Gamora to have a hearing with the Living Tribunal to get the power turned back on. As he leaves the Magus makes his move and transports in and kidnaps Warlock along with the Infinity Gauntlet.

They heroes remaining soon learn what Magus is doing to the universe. Every living being is in a trance and he is trying to create a new copy universe, but an evil one. They gather all their telepaths and try to awaken Earth's people to help them resist Magus' takeover. Thanos meanwhile takes the Ultimate Nullifier from Galactus' ship. But the weapon takes a noble soul to use it, and Thanos is not fit for it. He nominates Quasar to use the device.







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