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Banner is lead to Freehold by General Ross. Armageddon is there waiting for them. The Troyjan leader obviously wants revenge for his sons death.

The Silver Surfer has tracked the Troyjan to Freehold an makes a not-so-sneaky entrance.

Off in a hospital in San Francisco, Rick Jones is depressed about being crippled. Marlo reminds him that he is lucky to even be alive.

The Hulk overrides the Banner personality and confronts Armageddon. Armageddon would like to use the Hulk to bring Trauma back to life. He is ready to battle the Hulk to force him to do it. Silver Surfer has arrived on the seen and asks the Hulk to step aside and let him take out Armageddon.

The Hulk surprises everyone by agreeing to give up his life to bring back Trauma.

The Hulk is hooked up to the Troyjan machine but the energy output from him is too much. The machine is destroyed and Trauma's body incinerated.

Armageddon acknowledges that the Hulk has "won". The Hulk knew that his body could withstand, even burn out, the machine that the Troyjans would hook him up to.

Armageddon leaves saying that the Hulk deserves to die. He wonders that when he does, who will care enough to try to bring him back?

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