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While attending an AIDS rally, Hulk's former sidekick Jim Wilson is attacked. An enraged Hulk sees this and takes Jim back to the Mount for medical treatment. Meanwhile, at her job, Betty receives a call from a young man who just found out that he was infected with HIV and was planning to kill himself. Hulk assigns the top Pantheon doctors to begin treatment on Jim, but they tell him that it is useless and that they cannot prevent his death. Betty receives another call from the same man later in the night and continues to try and talk him out of his suicide attempt. Ultimately, the man parks his car on remote train tracks while Betty listens to the train hit his car. Jim pleads with the Hulk to give him some of his blood to save his life, but Hulk does not want Jim to turn into a Hulk-like creature. When the Hulk lied to Jim to give him hope, Jim saw through the lie and apologized for trying to pressure Hulk into giving him his blood before passing away.

#26 on Wizard Magazine's "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born" list.

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