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The Hulk and Iron Man join forces to combat the Maggia.

In Los Angelas the Maggia holds a meeting to discuss the defeat of Cloot, and deciding it's time to eliminate Mr. Fixit,who bursts into the room.He then declares war on the Maggia,but is prevented from killing anyone by the arrival of Iron Man who attacks him.The Hulk then escapes while Iron Man declares the Hulk is the Maggia's problem,although they offer to hire him to kill the Hulk permanently. Iron Man agrees in exchange for 1 million dollars,the identity of the killer of Whitney Frost and for the exchange to be conducted by the new Madame Masque leaving them with 24 hours to make up their minds. Iron Man then returns to Stark Enterprises where Mr. Fixit awaits,who chastises Iron Man for his use of the repulsor on him despite Iron Man's insisting it was to only be convincing before the Hulk leaves.He then returns to his office and removing his armor and pondering the past with his meeting of Bruce Banner,with Bruce having come to Tony in a search for Betty and the baby,and in exchange Bruce and Mr. Fixit help Iron Man in his plan.

The Maggia accept Iron Man's terms with Iron Man arriving to meet the Maggia and Hulk disguised as a Dreadnaught robot until Madame Masque's arrival. Iron Man then captures Madame Masque and leaves the million to Hulk, when agents of A.I.M. and Hydra burst into the room. The two heroes ultimately defeat A.I.M. and Hydra, although Madame Masque ultimately escapes during the chaos. Bruce then decides to return to his job at his lab, while Tony keeps the secret of Betty's miscarriage from him.

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