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917002 Exile-616 Character Overview 03/23/16 07:11AM 2 Approved
839042 Exile-616 Character Overview 11/24/15 01:02AM 6 Approved
839041 Exile-616 Character Overview 11/24/15 01:00AM 8 Approved
617769 antimutant001 Character Overview Parker lost his powers. 01/22/15 11:38AM 8 Approved
197825 X35 Character Overview 08/29/13 03:28AM 53 Approved
197212 X35 Character Overview 08/28/13 05:26PM 157 Approved
197166 X35 Character Overview 08/28/13 04:29PM 5 Approved
197164 X35 Character Overview 08/28/13 04:21PM 157 Approved
81206 ectoborge Character Guide I love the character of the Hood. To me he is Marvels equivalent of Hush.I would like to see more stories about him and more people to know about him. 05/25/13 06:19PM 24 Denied
11173 X35 Character Overview 04/04/13 06:15PM 16 Approved

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