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Sly 3: Honor Amongst Thieves

The Guru first is mentioned as the master and trainer of Murray who says he sent him to Venice until "The Black water runs clear".

The Gang soon went to the outback where the Gang rescue from the miners and together they defeat the Mask of Dark Earth his sworn Enemy. Then after that he is the first new member ever to join the gang.

The Guru then helped in a few missions in Holland and when they faced Dr. M he saved the Cane from the Metal Magnet.

Powers and abilities

All his abilities require his stick and moonstone and when he has them he has great powers of hypnosis that is activated when he hops on the victim's back. He also can shapeshift to look like certain items in the environment He has also demonstrated great telekinesis. He also has demonstrated telepathy in that he could read Panda King's mind and transfered Sly into Panda King's mind state.

It is almost guaranteed we don't know all of his abilities. Some very likely ones are the aboriginal ball move, Temporal lock(freeze time) amongst others. It is highly likely we'll learn about more of his abilities in the upcoming game if he appears.

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