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Doctor Weems was a brilliant doctor whose main goal was finding a cure for Pneumonia. Believing that he had come upon a cure he decided to test it on himself even though he didn't have pneumonia because he believed it safer. The chemical had an unforeseen effect on Weems, he was transformed in a Jekyll and Hyde-like manner, turning him into a being who craved nothing more than money and power. Weems' new persona gathered together a group of criminals to form his own gang, earning the name, The Grinner, because of his large and insane grin. With his gang, the Grinner started an unstoppable crime spree of stolen goods and murder.

Eventually, the Grinner targeted Mr. Dillon, the owner of an extremely profitable oil property in Texas. The Grinner brought his men in to try and extort the property from Mr. Dillon which brought them into conflict with Black Marvel. The Grinner fled and returned home in order to take another dose of his formula to transform back into Weems. When Black Marvel arrived the rouse seemed to work and he left confused as to where the Grinner may have gone. This momentary distraction allowed the Grinner's men to capture Mr. Dillon.

When the Grinner had his men leave a ransom note for Dillon's wife, the Black Marvel was there to follow them back to their hideout. The Grinner was unable to defeat Black Marvel in combat and instead chose to flee back to Weems' home. The Black Marvel once again caught him returning to the Weems residence and caught him mid-transformation. In the ensuing struggle, Black Marvel struck the Grinner who went reeling backward striking his head in a death blow. As he died, the Grinner transformed back into Weems and reading Weems' notes, Black Marvel solved the mystery of the Grinner.

Powers & Abilities

Dr. Weems had no superhuman abilities was a brilliant medical doctor. While the Grinner had no documented superhuman powers, the formula that transformed him seemed to increase his muscle mass and change his bone structure.

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