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Is there a thread on this already?  My apologies  if there is, I couldn't see it.
So at last count, there are five Hornet books out at the moment!  Five!  Is this a not so subtle way of boosting their(Dynamite) sales before the movie comes out?  And Parallel Lives isn't too far away either.  It worked on me albeit I'm only really enjoying Kato and The Green Hornet(Kevin Smith) at the moment. 
What do you think?  Is(are) the character(s) popular enough to warrant this many books? 
Kato: Origins
The Green Hornet
The Green Hornet Strikes
The Green Hornet: Year One

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Let me start by saying - I love the Green Hornet.
Next, I don't think these comics are promoting the upcoming movie. I think Kevin Smith had an idea but it never went into production. Now we have this Seth Green film coming out and I don't think they have anything to do with one another. 
Finally, I read all of the series so far. I'm enjoying it. I made a blog about some inconsistencies, but otherwise I like it. I always thought of the Green Hornet as a more realistic Batman. The Green Hornet Strikes is pretty lacking (only through one issue) but I like the rest and hope they continue for sometime.  Besides that volume, they all tie in together (for the most part).
He probably isn't popular enough to keep them going though and I wouldn't expect too many replies to this topic. It's a shame.

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@jloneblackheart: That's interesting about the inconsistencies, I hadn't noticed them before reading your blog.  I suppose it doesn't matter so long as the main premise is still there and unchanged.  However, some people would argue that it's the little details that make a good story.  
I'm also reading them all and I'll most probably stay with them until the end but it seems kind of crazy to have so many Hornet books all in one go.  I'd have thought that putting two out at most to see how sales go would be a more suitable business strategy.   
I'm hoping he'll be popular enough to keep at least one book going. 

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I am only collecting the main Green Hornet title, but I think the character, along with Kato, is popular enough. The main book is going to be telling the story from the legacy prospective of the new Hornet and Kato. Where the others tell older stories, from what I can tell. I'll be getting them in trade when they come out. I just hope Dynamite keeps up the good work, they are really branching out with the multitude of different characters and especially introducing the modern comic book reader to some of the golden age greats.

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Also coming soon
Green Hornet: Parallel Lives - prelude to upcoming movie
Green Hornet Annual
Green Hornet Golden Age Remastered - reprints

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I've been getting them all so far and I'm enjoying them. I love Year One, Kevin Smith's run and Kato Origins. Kato and Green Hornet Strikes haven't really grabbed me yet but I'll keep going with them for a bit. Out of all of them, I think Year One is my favorite so far. I'm looking forward to Parallel Lives and the annual.

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@jloneblackheart said:
"Let me start by saying - I love the Green Hornet.  "

Can you explain the difference between the Kevin Smith Green Hornet, Year One, and Strikes?
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@IrishX: Kevin Smith's is the main GH relaunch. It's based on his original screenplay he had for a movie. He will stop writing after 10 issues. It's the original GH's son and Kato's daughter.
Year One is better in my opinion in the writing department but not in the art department. It's basically a year one series, retelling origins but I think they are trying to make it link with KS's series (just like the Kato Origins and Kato series) 
Strikes is just plain confusing and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'm through 3 issues and have NO IDEA what is going on. I takes place in the future (??) and there has basically been zero Green Hornet in it. 
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They all seem like they are working toward the same goal Parallel Lives being the exception). But the KS books aren't officially linked with the Year One and Origin books. I've found a few discrepancies, but they are spitting out a lot of titles that are based on characters that have been around a long time. I'm enjoying all four, but the Year One and Kato Origins are the better of them.  
I'm pretty sure it is supposed to keep going. I'm not sure when or if any of them are supposed to end. 
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I see on Dynamite's website that they are going to have a 4-issue series called Green Hornet: Blood Ties that starts in October. The site says it is a precursor to the KS series.
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I wanted to collect all the Green Hornet stuff but ran out of money after getting Green Hornet #1-3 and Green Hornet: Year One #1. I don't have a job right now so that would explain it. Only problem is that Dynamite doesn't post their release schedules like DC and Marvel does. I never know when an issue comes out so that I can save for it.

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I had problems with too many titles too. Please tell me which of them are worth reading.

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I love the Green Hornet but I think they made too many title too fast.

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