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The family's story starts out with a court case when a madman, Charlie Gilmour is on trial for the slaughter of his wife and child, he is proven guilty and locked in an asylum. However, he begins to receive visions of a tree with stars hanging from it, the World Tree. Charlie seeks out this tree, and eventually he is approached by Bet Jo'gie and Abonsam who bring him to The Wolf, the one with all the answers. Fenris explains Charlie's predicament and tells him he can see his wife and child again if he loses himself, both physically and mentally, for that is the only way to reach Yggdrasil. Charlie finally agrees and becomes the chariot for the Heralds of the End.

Abonsam than reveals that Charlie never murdered his family but life-like clay dolls that merely believed themselves to be alive. He than takes Sarah and Bobby out from a bag he carries and lays them at the feet of Charlie, who can no longer remember their names. At that point Charlie is asked for one last favor by slay his motionless son and wife, for it is revealed that all three of them were simply being used by The Wolf. Charlie was needed for his madness as it was key in the journey, as for Sarah and Bobby, they had a much more important role.

They were intended to be the "sacrifical lambs" that would plunge creation into oblivion for if Charlie would slay them, than Fyrir Haft would have been committed and as such, the blood he spilled would nurture the tree of Yggdrasil, and so creation would bleed and be destroyed. Of course, despite Bet's best efforts, Charlie eventually comes to his senses and escapes the hold Fenris and his servants have on him but it is too late, his family is of no further use to The Wolf and Charlie is disposed of, by decapitation. So Charlie is damned to Hell and his family forgotten until much later, after Elaine gains the Demiurgic power and uses it to save them from the oblivion they were in. What happens to any of them afterward is never revealed...

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