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The X-Men received a psychic alert that Cyclops & Madelyne Pryor had been attacked as they flew a plane carrying scientists to the Arctic Circle. However, Rachel Summers mistakenly believed that it was Shaman who had attacked them. Therefore when the two teams met they had to stop her from killing him. However, Snowbird revealed that she had also been injured in the same mysterious attack on the plane. So the X-Men & Alpha Flight decided to team up.

When they found their friends, they were happy & safe. Cyclops had been cured & wasn't wearing his visor, and Madelyne had magically gained powers to heal. They all enjoyed a sumptuous feast, but they were soon divided. Wolverine left in search of the missing Snowbird, while Rachel ran away (with Shadowcat & Talisman searching for her) when Madelyne announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy.

Those who remained were taken to a magical fountain that granted them powers. There, they discovered that Shaman was dying. Outside, Talisman discovered evidence that the fountain was part of a shrine to Loki and that it would kill anyone with a magical background. When they were all reunited, this information caused a huge fight between all the heroes.

Eventually, Loki appeared and presented them with an ultimatum. However, Madelyne Pryor rejected his offer. This prompted the others to also reject their powers.

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