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Peek-A-Boo, I See You!
Peek-A-Boo, I See You!

After arriving on Earth-616, " Dark Quasar" of The Cancerverse secured a foothold for his Gods in Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and enslaved the minds of its employees. By Dark Quasar's command, the possessed employees constructed a "Horroscope" gateway that would allow his Gods to cross over from The Cancerverse and venture into Earth-616.

The first of The Many-Angled Ones to begin making their way through the gateway was a monstrous entity that Dark Quasar referred to as The Gatekeeper, who was hellbent on further cementing the foothold Dark Quasar created by transforming Earth-616 into another "Cancer-Earth" via consumption of the planet itself.

Ftaghn S'geth! My Eye! My Eye!
Ftaghn S'geth! My Eye! My Eye!

However, when Nova and Darkhawk arrived to take down Dark Quasar and discover the exact source of the exotic energies flowing from deep within Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Upon reaching the source, Darkhawk found The Gatekeeper trying to wiggle its way out of The Horrorscope and make a successful crossover.

After blindsiding Dark Quasar and freeing both Director Gruenwald and Evelyn Necker from The Gatekeeper's control, Nova came to aid Darkhawk in fending off The Gatekeeper.

But as the fight raged on Dark Quasar joined in and took out Darkhawk while explaining to Nova that The Many-Angled Ones had found what they were looking for and that he was going to back through The Fault to leave an energy trail that the other Many-Angled Ones could use to venture through The Fault and successfully invade Earth-616.

To Hell With Thee, Foul Beast!
To Hell With Thee, Foul Beast!

With Darkhawk out for the count, Nova realized that he could not stop Dark Quasar from leaving unless he was willing to let The Gatekeeper emerge from The Cancerverse and consume the Earth.

Despite Evelyn's pleas for Nova to go after Dark Quasar, Nova decided to stay behind and had Worldmind channel as much Nova Force as it could spare into his body.

Once Worldmind had done as Nova asked, he unleashed an extremely powerful gravimetric pulse beam that burned The Gatekeeper alive and reduced both it and The Horroscope to a burning mountainous glob of molten metal and flesh.

Nova then raced into the Heavens and began following Dark Quasar into the darkest depths of space where The Fault lay in wait.

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