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Form was one of the members of Crime council, who were teleported to Zero-zone. She managed to escape to Earth, where she sought to rule a city where she managed to escape to (the citys name isn`t known). She begun to search for the city's most powerful criminal, Morge Kale.

She found him and by using her psychic powers, got to know who the officials under his control were. But since Shade was in the same building, she had to fight against him. They fought, but Form managed to flee, to continue on her plans of conquest.

She hadn`t gotten enough information though. Which is why she returned to the building from where she had escaped from. Mellu Loron came to the same building, where she fought against her, eventually killing her. And so, Form's evil plans were put to a halt.


The form was created by Steve Ditko and Michael Fleisher.

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