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The real identity of the impostor revealed! The man who is supposedly Barry Allen organizes a prison break to assemble an army and take down the city. It's up to Wally West to stop him and solve the mystery of the fake Flash. "The Return of Barry Allen" part 5.

Wally West now knows that the real Barry Allen is still dead and the man who is posing as his uncle is faster then Wally, so Johnny Quick tries to teach him his formula. Max Mercury tries to teach him the Zen of Speed. but it is Jay Garrick that shows him that the way to be faster is inside of Wally. Wally then tells the other who Barry really is but he needs their help to prove it. Wally runs off to the Flash Museum and the rest go to find Barry.

The Barry imposter has gone to Central City State Penitentiary, to release and arm the convicts inside. Luckily Jay, Max and Johnny show up before anyone gets hurt. During the fight Jay tears the symbol off Barry costume forcing him to flee back to the Flash Museum where Wally is waiting for him.

Wally throws the fake Barry a Flash ring and tells him he found the book he had dropped, The Life of Barry Allen. Realizing the gig is up the fake Barry reveals is is really Professor Zoom

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