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Bet You Didn't See All the References

Villain's Month! The event that many have branded as nothing but a stupid gimmick. Hate has ran through many minds as they read these 3D covered tales seemingly trying to find thing to complain of. What did I think of the comics? What did the CrazyScarecrow, usually a back issue reviewer, think of these new fangled comics of my era? Quite honestly I enjoyed the month of villain comics. Were there some crappy ones? Of course. It gave us the Creeper and Joker's Daughter. But it also gave us one of my favorite comics to come out recently, "The Rogues" or as I call it "Captain Cold" because he is the only reason I bought this comic.

OK so the 3D aspect of this cover is very well done relying more on the "hey look! It's coming at you!" 3D cover rather than the "you move it and it moves". Plus, as an added bonus we have the series regular art team actually doing the cover which seemed rare during Villain's Month.

The story began showing the Rogues as a group in the forgotten diamond mines on the Keystone City side of town in which we get to see how Golden Glider's leadership of the team is and their morals. Later they go to a bar where both the transparent Golden Glider and encased Mirror Master are feeling depressed only to come to point where Golden Glider risked her life to get Mirror Master out of the Mirror World; a decision that Captain Cold is not happy with as he believes it is selfish. Luckily for MM it worked, it tooks Golden Glider's life however. With her gone, her angry older brother, Captain Cold, takes over leadership and breaks up the team. A drunken Captain Cold tries to commit a robbery and the fellow Rogues save him from them coppers. Realizing how much of a hypocrite he is he steps up as the leader, breaks out the Trickster from Iron Heights, attends a meeting of the Crime Syndicate with the rest of the Rogues, and comes back to see a Central and Keystone City destroyed setting up for a story to be Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion.

Captain Cold having a
Captain Cold having a "FLASHback".

The interior art by Patrick Zircher (who has been working on Suicide Squad recently) was great and would definitely be welcomed by me as the regular look after Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato leave the series this coming December. Speaking of Brian Buccelato his writing in this issue was excellent. He showed off what the Rogues are about and how they aren't like every other superhero "rogues" gallery. He gave us sweet moments with Captain Cold and a look of Captain Cold's thoughts on the events in this book and the event that is going to come in Rogues Rebellion. Also we see how the Rogues got their powers which is nice for readers like me who jumped onto the Flash this February and probably missed the issue where that was explained. It is also nice to see that the Rogues still were those gimmicky villains it's just now they have powers due to a cRaZy accident. Plus Zircher's take on the pre-accident Captain Cold was amazing for a redesign of an iconic villain.

Also when you think this comic couldn't be better there are Easter eggs scattered all over for hardcore DC fans. In the Keystone Saloon you can see advertising signs for beers such as Broome, Fox, Kanigher, and Carmine. Also when a drunken Captain Cold is walking the mean streets of Keystone City he is carrying a beer box marked Giella. I'll let you think about those. Comment below if you are stumped.

Overall, this book was amazing! Great art, great story, full of heart and Easter eggs that make the mega DC nerd in me smile from ear to ear. Plus, this comic might even convinced me to buy the Rogues Rebellion when it hits shelves/stands/whatever. Excellent comic, best of Villains Month, and one of the best new comics I have read in a while. Recommended to almost everyone.

Oh and I forgot something, Channel 52. They are bring that back this month so I am disappointed. I hate those Channel 52 things at the end the DC books :P


Have a great day or night.

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