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Klkan, an alien from the planet Gyr, materializes before the assembled body of the United Nations. Klkan demands the Flash be turned over to him, or the Earth will be destroyed. As a demonstration of his power, Klkan transforms everything into gold, and evolves a common house fly into a horrific creature. The Flash astonishes the entire world by refusing to surrender to the aliens. Klkan reveals the Flash's secret identity to the world, then gives the nations' governments 48 hours to produce the Flash. Wally West, as Kid Flash, travels from Blue Valley to Central City, to seek out his mentor. Kid Flash encounters Picture News reporter, Iris West, and tries to comfort her.

While Kid Flash scours Central City for the Flash, West returns home. She finds her fiancee, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, waiting for her. West is both relieved to see Allen, and furious that he has kept the secret of his Flash identity from her. Allen, as the Flash, catches up with Kid Flash. The Flash reveals the reason behind Klkan's presence on Earth. Klkan is a member of the aristocratic class on Gyr, known as a Drdon. Recently, the tyranny of the Drdons had been overthrown, by the populace, in a decisive confrontation, known as the "Battle Of Gyr City". Klkan proposed to travel back in time, to refight the "Battle Of Gyr City", and correct the mistakes that cost them the battle.

Klkan's time machine, however, needed an individual capable of achieving light speed velocity to power it. Klkan penetrates the Flash's mind with a single atom that contains the entire history of Gyr within it, as well as an overwhelming evil impulse to aid the Drdons. The Flash quickly learns that the Drdons' power of suggestion weakens the slower he runs. The Flash leads Kid Flash to a hidden laboratory where the Flash has been working on a neutralizing agent for the Drdons' atom-based mental dominance. With the deadline for Earth fast approaching, the Flash leaves the completion of the work to Kid Flash, then turns himself over to Klkan.

The Flash is teleported to Gyr, then installed as the power source for Klkan's time machine. The faster the Flash runs, the stronger his desire to aid the Drdons grows. Finally, Klkan, and his fellow Drdons, have returned to the "Battle Of Gyr City". The Flash watches helplessly as the Drdans. slowly but surely, begin to turn the tide of battle in their favor. Kid Flash completes the work on the Flash's nullifying device, and activates it. The Drdon atom in the Flash's brain is destroyed. Once again able to move at his highest velocity, without turning evil, the Flash routs Klkan's forces. The Drdons lose the "Battle Of Gyr City" again.

The Flash learns, from the ruling council of Gyr, that Earth is still in jeopardy. The moment the Flash was teleported off Earth, a chain reaction began that, left unchecked, will destroy the Earth. The Flash is given a chemical compound to stifle the chain reaction, then teleported back to Earth. Rendezvousing with Kid Flash, the Scarlet Speedsters crisscross the entire globe, coating it with the chemical compound. The crisis past, the Flash is left with one loose thread to address, the revelation of his secret identity to the world. Conferring with his fiancee, the Flash proposes to use Gyr technology to turn time back on Earth, to the point just prior to Klkan's revelation.

Though West is reluctant to lose the knowledge of Allen's dual life, she supports his intentions, agreeing that it's for the greater good. The Flash builds a planet size cosmic treadmill, and runs the world back in time, erasing all knowledge of his dual identity. The confirmation that his plan has worked comes at his next dinner date with West. Chastising him from being late, West goes on a mini-tirade about Allen's laziness and lack of ambition, dramatically re-enforcing that the status quo of their relationship has not changed.

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