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The Enforcer’s origin has not been revealed at this time, but as her secret alter-ego, Janice Jergenson, she is able to work amongst ACME Industrial employees and keep her Enforcer persona a secret.


It was realized, after providing hours of safety training, that most of the information taught during the training stayed in the classroom. People just did not think it was relevant to them, mainly because they did not believe they would ever get hurt or be placed in a position to be hurt; as a result, they didn’t think much about safety outsidie of training.

It was for that reason that the founder and owner of B-Safe Comics, Eric Cluck, created and developed the Safety Director of ACME Industrial, Janice Jergenson…a.k.a The Enforcer! As Janice, she can implement a safety program to keep ACME safe and injury free. As The Enforcer, she can save her friends from being injured…or worse.

Her name, The Enforcer, is somewhat deceiving in that she never Enforces a safety policy with a reprimand. The Enforcer name and persona is an icon for safety and is a constant reminder that a person should Enforcer safety policies for themselves. The Enforcer was created to remind a people to wear safety glasses because they know glasses will protect their eyes, not just because safety glasses use is madated by work.

Enforcer’s uniform, although form fitting, is tactical in nature which allows for maximum movement and the least amount resistance. Her color is hazard red in relation to safety signs and is meant to remind people to stop and think about safety before they act. Her logo is an electric “E” for Enforcer. The lightening bolts on her arms and legs signify the tie she has to electricity. The yellow in her logos and accents is caution-tape yellow which can also be found in safety warning signs utilized by safety professionals.

Character Evolution

The Enforcer takes accidents and injuries personally. If someone gets hurt she feels as though she did not do enough to prevent it. According to Enforcer, and her alter-ego Janice, if an incident occurs (especially one that results in an injury) more training could have been provided…a better policy could have been put in place…more warning signs should have been posted…and so on. In her eyes, something could have been done to prevent the accident. The stresses from trying to obtain an injury free workforce has been compounded by her counterpart, Safe-T-Man, who appears out of nowhwere to help when danger rears its ugly head. To make things worse, he’s trying to push his safety awareness ideals on her, which she has taken offense to. This has also led her to believe that he is trying to tell her how to run her safety program. And to top it off, he has dubbed her his official parter in his fight against injuries. To say Safe-T-Man’s unsolicited help, advice, and appearance has angered Enforcer would be an uderstatement, which can be seen in her unfettered and uncesnored comments and insistance that he leave ACME.

The responsibility Enforcer has placed on herself in trying to create an injury free workplace, and the fact that she doesn’t know where her unofficial partner comes from or how he got into ACME, makes her appear to be harsh and uncompromising. The fact of the matter is that her job and ability to protect ACME as The Enforcer depends on her alter-ego, Janice Jergenson, keeping her job as ACME’s Safety Director. She feels threatened by the fact that Safe-T-Man’s interference could jeopardize her career and it shows in her demeanor towards him. Otherwise, she is a rather caring and sensitive woman, and she wishes she could display that part of her to the people of ACME. How Safe-T-Man’s actions will affect Enforcer’s job, and how is good natured attitude will affect Enforcer’s iron shell, remains to be seen.

Major Story Arcs

Enforcer’s story arc begins in Issue 1 of The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures, “A Heads-Up Team” when Janice Jergeson’s secret abilities…super-hearing and super speed…are revealed to ACME Industrial employees. Enforcer manages to maintain her secret idenity and believes she is alone in her fight to prevent injuries; however, an unexpected encounter with Safe-T-Man proves otherwise.


As Enforcer saves an ACME employee from injury, Safe-T-Man intervenes with an energy shield. His charming personality and heroic act solidifies him as Enforcer’s partner in the eyes of ACME’s workforce. Enforcer, however, views his appearance as a hinderance to her pursuit of an injury free workplace and wants him out of ACME. In this first story arc, Enforcer continuously fights Safe-T-Man’s help and makes it known to him that he is not welcome. This rift may tear the alliance apart and leave ACME vulnerable to safety violations and open to injuries.

Powers and Abilities

Enforcer has several powers that helps her to protect ACME employees. Her first power, which she has kept secret from her teammates at this time, is super hearing. Although she filters out the non-essential noise and conversations taking place all the time, her super hearing alerts her to conversations that may lead to an accident or injury. Her super hearing acts much like a radar and directs her to the area of the violation.

After she hears about a safety violation she is able to arrive on the scene using her super speed. At this time she has not had to traverse the highway of time or slow the rotation of the eart to avoid an astroid impact, so she does not know the true extent of her speed; in the same token, she hasn’t tapped into her true potential, either.

Her powers are derived from electricity and magnetism which can be seen with the electro-magnetic field covering her body. She has not recognized the true potential of her electro-manegtism yet, but she can utilize it as a shield, especially while running at super speed. In addition, she can manipulate the electro-magnetism surrounding her body and make it look like clothing, turn it into safety equipment, and changeit into her Enforcer


Other Media

The Enforcer takes action in the pages BIC Magazine’s monthly comic strip, The Safe-T-Corp. Adventures.

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