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The Dolls are a female assassin squad, that were manipulated into doing M.Bison's bidding. All of the Dolls were teenage girls of around 16 who were captured by Bison and forced to be his bodyguards. Cammy was made into a female clone of Bison, but was the same age and acted the same way the others. They were completely loyal to Bison and acted and talked like robots. Originally the Dolls could not live if Bison had died. The brainwashing corrupted them so much they would have collapsed and died. They were high ranking members in Shadaloo, only lower than Bison and possibly Balrog, Vega and Sagat. Eventually, Cammy broke free from Bison's mind control and managed to do the same for the others. When Bison appeared, they collectively attacked him. Bison informed Cammy that she was his clone, and that if he died, she would as well. Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy led the Dolls out the Shadaloo base and then fell unconscious, rendering the dolls in a state of amnesia. It is unknown if the Dolls survived or regained their memories.

The Dolls
The Dolls

In addition, it is also revealed how similar Decapre is to Cammy in the comic. Supposedly, Decapre was a test subject of sorts to perfect the procedure to bring about Cammy's creation. As a result, Decapre fights as Cammy did when she was "Killer Bee", as Cammy notes when she engages Decapre in a fight at Shadaloo headquarters. In the comic, neither Cammy nor Decapre are given any nation of origin. This is likely in part due to the fact that both are creations of Shadaloo and both were inteded to be vessels for Bison's consciousness. Since Decapre is apparently a failed attempt at this process, the reason she wears the mask-at least in the comic-is because the left side of her face looks as if it has been severely burned.

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