Who Should Be The Next Doctor?

#1 Posted by Osiris1428 (1424 posts) - - Show Bio

Matt Smith  
James Nesbitt   
Idris Elba

#2 Posted by MatKrenz (1517 posts) - - Show Bio

Hugh Laurie
#3 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5214 posts) - - Show Bio

Rhys Meyers.

#4 Posted by greencrapweasel (158 posts) - - Show Bio

i don't want to let go of Matt Smith :(

#5 Posted by TimelordOnAcid (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Interesting.... I personally think that the 12th will be a complete surprise, and a very little known character. I've always liked the fact that Doctor Who made actors famous, and I don't want them to pander to the fan's wishes

However, saying that, I would like to see a tinge of ginge on the Timelord, just so he could say "YES! FINALLY, I'M GINGER!"

#6 Posted by Izaiah (6242 posts) - - Show Bio

Matthew Lewis.

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