The Doctor In America: Season Six Trailers

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We all know that the Doctor has travelled to America before.  However, due to budgetary restraints those previous adventures were usually filmed in the UK.  However, with a bumped up budget the cast & crew of Who got to travel to America... and they sure are keen to let us know about it!  
The teaser trailer literally has the TARDIS making it's mark on American soil... 

Meanwhile, this next trailer hasn't been seen in Britain.  Thank you to the kind American Whovians who've shared this with us... 

And lastly...  the half-season trailer that was tagged on to the end of this year's A Christmas Carol episode (if you haven't seen it, go watch it now... go on, it has Michael Gambon in it!). 
The Doctor in the White House?  Pretty nifty.... although it looks like they've borrowed some aliens from the X-Files and put them in Special Agents' suits.   
Obviously there's a big emphasis on the fact that they're actually in America.  I know that Doctor Who is increasing in popularity in the States, and no doubt these trailers are made to build on that.  Personally, I think they're fun... but I'm a bit worried about Amy Pond's impersonation of Batman's old foe, Mr Zsasz.
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lol I thought the same when I saw those markings on her face, that would certainly make for an interesting episode.

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looks great to me xP

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Ood are back? Badass... 
Can't wait to see what all this beardy Doctor straight jacket nonsense is all about!

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Looking forward to it!

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I kinda wish they weren't making such a big deal about it being in America, but I gotta say this looks pretty awesome. Here's hoping Matt and Karen are the Doctor and companion for a long long time.
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I think

 - Just first guesses.

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