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On a rainy night similar to the one when Moondragon's family died years ago, Candy, Dolly, and Sassafras drive toward an Army camp. Candy calls Beast, Cloud, and Iceman to return as well. Candy has Dolly unpack a brace of Uzis from the back seat.

Moondragon is still mentally struggling with the Dragon of the Moon, but to no avail; she is under its control. The Dragon now plans to devastate the planet.

Angel and Isaac struggle with the disfigurements that Moondragon visited upon them last issue. Angel is in despair over his blindness.

Beast, Cloud, and Iceman fly in, but Valkyrie's horse Aragorn attacks the plane after what happened to his mistress last issue. Bobby manages to get on and rides him down.

The Dragon destroys their plane with a lightning bolt after the others land, as a warning of what they're up against.

Moondragon walks along a golden path in the air as she makes her way to other areas to destroy. However, a giant Valkyrie, hundreds of feet high, now stands in her way. She has been enhanced by Odin to defeat the Dragon. The Dragon rips open the Earth's crust and plumes of lava attack Val.

Candy gets to the Army base and implores the general, whom she knew as a child, to help. They get warning of the tears in the Earth's crust and agree to help.

Val summons the host of other Valkyries, who help attack the Dragon. Cloud wreathes herself around Angel, and they fly into the Dragon's midst. Cloud is angry that the woman she loved has turned to evil, and her lightning is able to blast the Dragon apart, as the Army's helicopters appear.

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