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Luann Bloom and the Elf now face the mysterious Tribunal. A nurse for the presumed-dead Kyle Richmond, she has no idea what is going on. The Elf then pulls off her face to reveal that she is a robot, created by the Tribunal to learn about the Defenders.

She tells them a story about an old encounter between the Defenders and Yandroth, which would have taken place between Defenders 68 and 69. Yandroth's disembodied mind tried to take over a woman scientist, but the woman's mind became dominant, and she used his abilities to try to defeat the Defenders, one by one taking over their minds with his technology.

She first defeats the Hulk, then goes to the Defenders' old ranch on Long Island and takes over Nighthawk, Hellcat, and Valkyrie. They all travel to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum where they control Clea and knock out Strange. Strange's mind escapes on the astral plane and asks Namor for help. Unfortunately Namor soon succumbs to her as well, but Strange manages to free Val and Hulk.

They battle, and the woman eventually loses control to the original Yandroth's mind, only to fall unconscious with the stress.

The Tribunal feels that Luann's story doesn't help their mysterious mission, which they reveal is to stop the Defenders before they destroy all of time.

*JM Dematteis is credited for an "invaluable assist" on this fill-in issue, presumably for the frame story about the Elves and Tribunal, and isn't the main writer.

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