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This issue focuses on Patsy Walker's own worries about possibly being a daughter of Satan, mirroring Damian Hellstrom's similar concerns from a few issues ago.

She visits the small town of Greetown, Ohio, looking for her biological father, who left when she was young. She doesn't know almost anything about him. She talks to one of his co-workers, but he doesn't have much to add, and says he left town. Patsy rents a room at a boarding house with a man named Nicholas Eblis.

Meanwhile, we see Nighthawk, who seemed to die a few issues ago, talking to Dr. Strange, Namor, and Hulk. He had rescued them from an interdimensional rift and is showing them around his base, where a sick Hyperion lies on a bed. They are in the dimension of the Squadron Supreme!

Patsy decides to check out Greentown as Hellcat, but she feels strange as she goes out, and mysteriously ends back where she started. The other boarders bring her back in, and she starts hallucinating. They reveal themselves as demons, with Eblis as their leader, Satan. She takes out the demons and fights Satan, who taunts her and almost gets her to give in to her inner furious nature, which would have turned her into his demonic servant.

However, she retains her humanity. Satan, impressed, decides to explain everything that has happened to her lately, and takes her on a tour of Hell. He explains that although there are many demons in hell, they all share a bit of his own persona, and are essentially different aspects of the same evil. Furthermore, they were created by the collective human unconscious, just as the Norse gods were. However, he is not the biblical Satan, or her father. He is, however, grateful for the love she has shown to Daimon, who is his son. Even though he is a demon, he respects love, and because of that, he will give her a favor. He then sends her back to Earth.

She goes back to talk with her dad's co-worker, but finds her dad. He had been in hiding due to her mother's vindictiveness, but is overjoyed at seeing her--finding him is Satan's favor to Patsy. They have a happy visit together.

Back in the Squadron's universe, President Kyle Richmond is talking with a stern Overmind.

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