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I like it so much that I'm afraid to give a chance to these other books featuring the Crow.... Are any of them by J. O'Barr?

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Most of the earlier stuff was by O'Barr, all the 1-shot graphic novels are by him, and I think, though I may be wrong, that the City of Angels and Waking Nightmares mini-series' were too, obviously anything released by Image or London Night Studios  were not by him though. Although I will say that I have never read a bad Crow comic, so I wouldn't worry about reading any of them.

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I really did enjoy reading the image series.

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The only one completely by O'Barr is the original. Dead Time's plot was written by O'Barr but that was it, the script & art were by others, & James O'Barr had nothing to do with any of the other Crow books. IDW says O'Barr will be working on an upcoming book with them, & James did hand pick the current creative team for Death & Rebirth.

Just because Jack Kerby or Stan Lee or Bob Cain are no longer working on their books does not mean the books are no longer good, they are still great, some times better than ever. Same with The Crow, just because James O'Barr is not involved with most of them does not mean they are not good, most of them are great. Read Flesh & Blood, it is fantastic.

UPDATE: O'Barr has now written the story for The Crow: Skinning The Wolves, The Crow: Curare, & in big news O'Barr is writing & illustrating The Crow: The Engines of Despair.

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