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The Crimebusters
The Crimebusters

The Crimebusters was formed by Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner). Believing that was falling into a social downfall and unrest. He called forth new and old costumed crime fighters to take up the cause in 1966. There is a few rumors about the truth behind Metropolis’ s actions, some say he was an old hero looking for that last great battle to carry him over, Others where that he formed the Crime busters to fight against Moloch who had started up an under ground crime syndicate and feared he would not be able to face his old nemesis alone, but it never comes to light if either of these are true.

Gardner calls his first meeting and it soon turns against Nelson, The Comedian declaring that the world has problems and only a room full of morons can think they are small enough to be dealt with, Even Rorshach speaks out against the idea saying that it is all for publicity. It is only Nite-owl II who thinks the team may work as himself and Rorshach had worked in the past to bring down some of the crime families before Rorschach became distant, the team did not last long and soon found its members taking on different roles within the world. After the meeting we get a glimpse into the relationship between Silk Spectre (Miss Jupiter 1) and the Comedian as she meets her daughter. It is unknown to Silk Spectere II that Edward Blake is in fact her father this is reveled later in the comic.

Movie Version

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The Movie version of the Crimebusters was called the Watchmen to tie in along with the movie title. The team was formed by Ozymandias instead of Captain Metropolis, who died at the start of the film. The characters still voice their points of view and the only thing to change was who called the meeting. The scene with the Crimebusters in was almost page to page from the comic and was a sight to see.

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