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Throughout his adventures across the mythic Hyperborean world, the barbarian called Conan crosses swords with many colorful and dangerous characters, somehow always finding himself on the wrong end of a wizard's wrath, or staring down the hungry jaws of a nightmarish beast. Proving himself more than a match for whatever comes his way, Conan has become one of the most enduring and strangely endearing characters in all of popular culture. The stories in this edition feature more tales of thrilling adventure and chilling betrayal as only writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema could deliver.

Presenting more of the celebrated Roy Thomas/John Buscema Conan the Barbarian run. Featuring completely remastered color, all proving once again why Conan is considered the greatest and most savage fantasy character of all time.

Reprints Conan the Barbarian #43-51 published by Marvel.

Story Titles

  • Tower of Blood
  • Of Flame and The Fiend!
  • The Last Ballad of Laza-Lanti
  • The Curse of the Conjurer!
  • Goblins in the Moonlight!
  • The Rats Dance at Ravengard!
  • Wolf-Woman!
  • The Dweller in the Pool!
  • Man Born of Demon!







Story Arcs

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