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In the eight decades that have passed since prolific pulp writer Robert E. Howard created his seminal Sword and Sorcery adventurer, Conan, many other scribes have tried to recreate the passion and energy Howard infused into his stories. Few have come as close as comics writer Roy Thomas did during his long and influential run on Marvel's monthly Conan the Barbarian series back in the 1970s. Collaborating with the most acclaimed and talented artists of the time, Thomas wove a narrative tapestry of action, intrigue, and heroism that's as powerful today as it was when it was published nearly 30 years ago.

The first volume of The Chronicles of Conan has sold over 10,000 copies in the first two months of release!

Featuring completely remastered color and text corrections, these stories have been unavailable in color since their original publication.

Reprints Conan the Barbarian #35-42 published by Marvel.

Story Titles

  • The Hell-Spawn of Kara-Shehr
  • Beware the Hyrkanians Bearing Gifts...!
  • The Curse of the Golden Skull!
  • The Warrior and the Were-Woman!
  • The Dragon From the Inland Sea!
  • The Fiend From the Forgotten City
  • The Garden of Death and Life! (Mislabeled as "The Garden of Life and Death" in the table of contents)
  • Night of the Gargoyle!







Story Arcs

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