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The USS Captain America

USS Captain America
USS Captain America

Originally, the ship was one of three made by Magneto and the mutants escaping Earth. While in refuge on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, they were attacked by Apocalypse. In the battle, Magneto and Apocalypse both perished and the mutants took the two completed ships to their new planet, Haven.

The remaining ship was found and repaired by Charlie-27 and the Guardians of the Galaxy and christened the Captain America after the Earth hero of the same name. The ship served many missions, ultimately being nearly destroyed in battle with the Reavers of Arcturus.

The USS Captain America II

A starship originally owned by The Stark, the ship was commandeered by the Guardians of the Galaxy after defeating the villains and christened the Captain America II.

In its docking bay there's a shuttle called Avenger.

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