The Bunker #3

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The Good

This issue of THE BUNKER jumps between the current timeline and the past when Grady met Heidi and Billy. In the present, Grady is trying his best to save those around him, like he was told he had to do. It's cool to see this character rise to the occasion here. This book builds on the story just as much as it builds on its characters.

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov really knows how to tug on the reader's emotional heartstrings. This is a very rough issue to read, but for all the right reasons. Heidi's narration moves the narrative forward, but her troubling past with her uncle is also a major part of the story, even though it's not something the reader sees. The visuals depict Billy, Grady, and Heidi having happier times, but the captions are depressing and dark. Overall, it creates an incredibly engaging book that is near impossible to put down.

On the art side of things, Joe Infurnari does some brilliant work here, especially with color. The past's colors are vibrant and bright, while the present remains dull and bleak. Not only is this great to separate the time periods, but it says so much more about these characters and where they were at those points in their lives. Infurnari is not your traditional "house style," which really makes this book stand out. His style fits with this story. There are emotional moments where a character fades away. His art moves the story just as much as it moves the characters. It's more than just pictures on the page. The way he draws these characters says mountains about what is going on here.

The Bad

There's little to nothing bad to say about this issue and this series. The series runs a little slower than most, but the build and character development are so fantastic that it won't be a problem for the reader.

The Verdict

THE BUNKER is one of my top on-going series right now. It's different in the best ways possible. Infurnari's art is more than just pictures. It's a depiction of the characters within that moment and sometimes much more. Fialkov does great with building these characters and developing them fully. While, at its core, this is a book about the world ending, this book is just layers upon layers of dramatic storytelling and subplots that are insanely engaging. I highly recommend this issue and series.

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It was good, not a fan of the art though. Sometimes I can't make out what's happening

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Enjoying this.

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