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 Its not very often a single issue comic really makes you feel something powerful. And its even less likely when you start off hating it.
 I have always had a serious issue with men writing female-focused stories. Sometimes i feel like they just cant put themselves in a powerful womans shoes, and especially not an iconic powerful woman like Wonder Woman. its not something most men can manage, and i often feel like they shouldnt try. A perfect example of this is in this issue when WOnder Woman actuall says "I've never had much trouble getting someones clothes off."
  However, as i read the issue, i slowly fell in  love with it. Ignoring the handful of minor issues (Zat's powers kinda being misrepresented, and certain trademarks of the present existing in whats supposed to be an old story), the story was designed around its ending, which was very touching and emotional. 
 The whole Brave and the Bold series has been very wishy washy to me, but this issue is definitely a great read.

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